Saturday, February 8, 2020

Billy is 18 months today!!!!

How times flies. It was just like yesterday I talked to my friend, Beth on the phone that I was thinking of adopting a baby and how I wish can adopt a baby from back home. It was a very exciting conversation. She herself was pretty excited when talking about baby. I guess we both were ready to embrace the motherhood land. Soon after the exciting conversation I got a messages from her that she is expecting. I was so happy and excited for her. And guess what? Two months later, I found myself . I am having a baby !!!!! And 41 weeks later on Valentine's Day 2006, my little Billy was born. It was exactly 1 1/2 years ago. I love you so much pumpkin!

Spring!!! Spring is almost here!!!!

Yep....only 10 days to go then it officially SPRING time!!! I am soooo excited now.....well, after a long months in winter coat and jacket, it would be so nice to be able to wear just shorts and tee's and flip flop again. And most of all, I can bring my little doodle to the nearby park for fresh air at appropriate time. Gonna be so much fun....hihi.Other than that, we plan to move to another town close to Doug's lab in a couple month. Right now he has to drive for about 40 minutes and the traffic is always pack. Yup.....another pack and unpack job to be done. And house hunting is about to begin soon......yay! I can see what an exciting year this 'piggy year' can be for us.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April!

Happy April and Happy spring all! Sorry for the long silence. I had been a while.

Okay, I am going to share some pics that left from the Malaysia trip. The rest of it
were gone (wuaaaahh!) together with my old hard drive. DH really messed it up good (LOL). It wont even turn on at all. Geramnya! So mad at DH but had to bite my tongue as he had in fact told me to make a copy of all the pictures. I thought would do it after we get home. My laptop was just a couple of months old then, I thought it will less likely to die on me but I lost the gamble.

Anyway, we had tried everything to recover the data within the 15 days before we had to Fedex it back to Dell. DH even bought an EHD thingy (LOL!) in his efforts to read the data but to no success. Oh well, I learnt my lesson. Aaaah! I am done raving…..hihi!

Okay, you can view the rest of our holiday pictures. Thank God I did not empty my camera as I normally do before we go on a trip. Otherwise, we could have loss everything. So enjoy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're Back!

Hi all. I am back! Sorry for the long silent and thank you for visiting my humble blog. Actually, my family and I had just come back from our five weeks' holiday trip to Malaysia early last week. I wanted to blog about our trip earlier but DH asked me not to do so until we get back. So now, you bet, I have many things to share with you guys…hihi! Unfortunately, I won't have many pics to share as we lost most of it when my hard drive crashed while we were in Singapore, just two days before we flew back to the US. That was two thirds of our entire five weeks holiday pics. Aarrrgggh….. How frustrated! It’s including the pics of us in Seoul, Spore, KL, Chinese New Year pics, Kundasang trip and many other pics. Sad…sad.

Anyway, glad we are all back to our routine. Billy will start preschool tomorrow, two days a week until the new school year begins in July. Hopefully it is enough to break the ‘extremely clingy’ behavior he has lately. He had never been that clingy to me since he was a baby. One friend said he needs to have a sibling and being a big brother might help with that behavior……mmmm……now who gonna answer that…..haha!

Okay, I better run. I still need to get Billy a new backpack. Stay tune for more update!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

It’s New Year Eve today. In just several hours we will be in a brand new year and 2008 will be just history. Not sure what the New Year has in store for us but I am hoping that everything will be much better than this year. I have a pretty positive feeling about 2009 and am so looking forward to it.

Looking back at soon to be called ‘last year,' nothing much I can brag off (LOL). 2008 was not a very productive year for us, so definitely not my favorite year. I have a couple of my ‘2008 Goals’ accomplished though, so not totally a bad year for me. Top of all, I got my driving license just on time for holiday shopping(LOL). Talking about the nice thing, this year also, to my surprise, I was able to persuade dear hubby to go on a trip to Chicago and New York City and added to that was a trip to San Francisco. It was not in my goals(LOL) but it was just something sweet especially it happens in the same year. I had wanted to visit those three big cities for so long but unfortunately those were the last places dear hubby would like to visit.

Health was not at best for us either. Billy and I had experiences quite a bad spring allergy and were pretty much sick the whole spring season. I am crossing my fingers it will not be as bad or better more it spares us come spring.

As for Billy, he still has significant delay in speech. He made some good progress though since we enrolled him in school early this year. Next year would be a very exciting year for him and us as well. Other than our big trip, Billy is going to a new preschool end of February. New school means a new environment, new teachers and of course new peers too. Hopefully he will not have any problem adapting to his new school.

Lastly, I would like to share my New Year’s Resolutions with everyone. I have just three main resolutions this New Year, to be the best mom for Billy, to do better on my spiritual journey and to improve my writing. Wish me luck!