Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're Back!

Hi all. I am back! Sorry for the long silent and thank you for visiting my humble blog. Actually, my family and I had just come back from our five weeks' holiday trip to Malaysia early last week. I wanted to blog about our trip earlier but DH asked me not to do so until we get back. So now, you bet, I have many things to share with you guys…hihi! Unfortunately, I won't have many pics to share as we lost most of it when my hard drive crashed while we were in Singapore, just two days before we flew back to the US. That was two thirds of our entire five weeks holiday pics. Aarrrgggh….. How frustrated! It’s including the pics of us in Seoul, Spore, KL, Chinese New Year pics, Kundasang trip and many other pics. Sad…sad.

Anyway, glad we are all back to our routine. Billy will start preschool tomorrow, two days a week until the new school year begins in July. Hopefully it is enough to break the ‘extremely clingy’ behavior he has lately. He had never been that clingy to me since he was a baby. One friend said he needs to have a sibling and being a big brother might help with that behavior……mmmm……now who gonna answer that…..haha!

Okay, I better run. I still need to get Billy a new backpack. Stay tune for more update!

Have a great week!