Tuesday, March 25, 2008

San Francisco Trip 1

Sorry for neglecting my blog for many days. We are on day 3 in San Francisco and I am blogging at 5.00am while dear hubby and my son are still sleeping. But this is the only time I could do it peacefully…. haha!

I wanted to make at least one post before we leave for our trip but Billy has a fever on Friday. He was a little better on Saturday and we went to Easter Vigil at 7.30pm and did not get home until 9.30pm. After put Billy to bed, I continue my packing and called my family back home to wish them Happy Easter before went off to bed after midnight. That’s midday back home….hihi!

Meds, soup, applesauce, crackers and extra batteries for the cam.

Soaps, cereals, bowls and stamps etc.

Blooming everywhere.

It's spring!

Our trip from Tennessee on Sunday was a little crazy. Yeah, I guess like many people says ‘tired kids + long flight’ is not a very good combination. What more if they are not feeling well. Billy started crying when we were queuing for check in and continue when we board on the plane. :-(

After landed in snow covered Chicago O’Hare Airport about two and a half hours later, dear hubby bought him soup for lunch but it ends up in trash. The only food he takes was his crackers. He did not even want to drink milk. I was happy he slept through halfway of the almost 5 hour's flight from Chicago to San Francisco. Huh! So glad that after this trip, it would be a while before we fly again. On the next conferences in Washington DC in June and later in Pennsylvania in August we are going to drive. It's a long drive but I would enjoy it much better. Dear hubby said he would enjoy it too if he sit on the passenger seat….haha!

Ready for the trip.

Okay, dear hubby and Billy are waking up. More story later. :-)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Yeah, finally, spring is here. Happy spring folks! We have a beautiful day today. It's really contrast from yesterday as we had a nasty storm. Heavy rain started at the wee hour until late last night. Thank God, we do not have flood. Unfortunately, some parts in our neighbor states from Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky and Texas are flooding badly. Missouri got hits the most with 70 counties declared as Federal Disaster Area. It's the worst flooding in 80 years in MO. :-(
Hope our friend, Dina and her family are doing okay. Stay safe Dina!

Waiting for his school van.

This week is Billy's fourth week in school. He is doing very well so far. We are so happy with his progress. We are going to meet up with his teacher to talk more about his progress tomorrow morning. I would share more about this later.

I am leaving, mom!

See you later, mom!

Unfortunately, he would miss school for the whole week next week. More on Billy's progress and pics in Billy's Corner.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Not So Nice Weekend.

Sorry for not be able to update my blog over the weekend. I had been down with a cold. It's a shame we did not make it to the Palm Sunday Mass either. What a time to get sick, huh!

Billy has a little fever and runny nose when he came back from school last Wednesday. I guess that is a common risk parents have to take once their kids going to school. Thank God, after giving him some meds, his fever has gone. He was able to go to school on Thursday despite having a runny nose. When I told his teacher about it, she said ‘All of them have runny nose’. Ahah!

I am feeling better today though. Time to get back to my routine. What else! Do house chores, updating my blog and blah blah. Meanwhile, I shall think of stuff to pack for our trip this weekend. We are leaving for a week trip to San Francisco on Easter Sunday. Yeah, I know, too bad, while other people attending Easter Sunday Mass, we are going to be in the airport. Nope, we are not going on vacation….haha! Dear hubby is having a week conference in San Francisco and we are tagging along. I am so excited as this is my first trip to San Francisco. We plan to rent a car for the weekend so we can cruise around better. Unfortunately, Billy is going to miss school for one week.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Parents Overture

What a mom would say to her children in a 24 hours' period condensed in just 2 minutes and 25 second. It’s really hilarious!

One of my friends has posted this video in her Ringo but had been removed a couple of days ago as someone flagged it as offensive. I am just curious as I have not seen anything offensive about it. Anyone?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Peanut Allergy

Last week my hubby and I brought Billy to an allergist to have him tested for peanut allergy reaction. We were hoping that now he is 2 years old, he no longer has to avoid peanut butter sandwiches. But nope, unfortunately, he still has it. Just minutes after the allergist put a tiny bit peanut solution on 2 spots on Billy’s back, both spots turned reddish and swelled. So not much the allergist has to elucidate except to return for another test when he is 3 years old or older.

He still has it.

Pretty bad.

It reminded me a year ago when I discovered in a hard way for the first time that he has allergy to peanut. It was the day after his 1st birthday when my eyes caught the lists of food may be given to one year old and above on the clinic flyer. A peanut butter sandwich was one of them. I do not blame the clinic as they also state the risks and advise it to be given only after two years old.

Thinking that neither our family had any history of allergy reaction to peanut , I thought our son has a great chance to not have it. Presumed he was going to be okay, I had given him a few bites of my peanut butter sandwich lunch. That was a lot of peanut butter eh. Right after the second or third bites, he started rubbing his eyes and scratching all over his body. Then I see hives appear on his body, that’s when I started to freaks out. I called dear hubby at work and told him everything and he told me to call his pediatrician. Gotten nurse on the phone and after the explaining and describing, she asked if I have a car to get Billy to the clinic right away. She insisted that I bring Billy to the doctor as it can be fatal and to call 911 if he has breathing problem. By that time I was shaking. I was checking on him every seconds. Never was in a million years I would have given my son peanut butter sandwiches if it harmed him.

I was on the phone with dear hubby shortly after and he was already on the way out from the lab. He said the nurse called him at work to get Billy to the doctor soon. Thank God, Billy does not have trouble breathing and we got him to the hospital less than an hour later. He was given a shot and couple of hours later the hives gone and he was fine again.

Billy's EPI-PEN after a year inside my handbag.

We would surely return for another test when he is 3 years old. By that time we hope to get a different result. Crossing our fingers.

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Best Video To Watch When Things Are Rough In Your Life

Wow! What a beautiful and inspiring lecture. A dying professior gave his last lecture to his student for the last time. Actually he wrote the lecture for his three little children for them to watch when they are older. (sob sob)

Watch the video

Mentos Boosts Confidence With Ladies [HILARIOUS]

As this intense commercial shows, Mentos definitely boosts your confidence around girls.

Watch the video

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Malaysian 12th GE- Big Day on Saturday.

“Ah, doing the same thing again at this time? You should go for a walk around the block or something different while Billy is in school.” That’s what my hubby said to me this morning after Billy left for school. He must have noticed the quietness in the house as normally he went to work before Billy’s school van came. I told him that he is probably right but I would like to reserve this precious 3 hours to do blog …...haha! But it might be changing in the spring. We will see.

But for now, I would like to make use of my 3 hours quiet time to work on my blog. I still have a few tags and Meme to work on. Hopefully I could get it all done this weekend or at least sometimes next week.

Oh yeah, folks back home are going to the poll on Saturday. Yeah!!!!! It’s the 50th GE for Malaysian. Even though I am so far away from home, I could feel the heats from the GE. For months, the GE’s topic was part of the conversation every time I talked to my dad on the phone. Lot of interesting events are happening in our home town right now. The incumbent candidate for our home town is our family friend and the other candidate is somewhat related to us. But it does not really matter much as it is obvious that my family will be voting for the candidate with integrity and dignity.

Saturday morning, I would be sitting in front of my laptop looking for the poll results and definitely would call my family back home. It gonna be so exciting as all my sisters (except the one in singapore) and brother would be at my parents. Normally they would also invite some friends and cousins over while waiting for the poll results on television. It’s once in five years interesting get together of course…..haha!

Hope all the elected candidates on Saturday evening would highly appreciate the people mandates for them and works hard to make Malaysia a better country.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Weekend Task

My hubby had been nagging me to shorten his new jeans for several weeks. We bought him 3 pairs of jeans when we went to the mall last month and had been sitting in the closet since. I told my dear hubby I would shorten it for him sometime. Otherwise, we had to send it to the tailor and would cost us about $11 or so for each pair. So that would be $30++ saving for us if I could do it for him.

But boy oh boy, are men nagging worse than women. For several weeks, most popular Q & A in the house particularly in the morning was 'honey, when are you going to shorten my pants?' and of course the popular answer, ‘don’t worry hon, I would do it sometimes soon.' I was not sure who became irritated more on that Q & A session (LOL). Yeah…yeah, I know, it’s been several weeks already ……haha!

So last weekend, I decided it’s time to get our peaceful morning back. Time to get the job done….haha. The challenging part, it had been almost a decade since I used sewing machine and to get my new sewing machine to work for the first time since I had it 5 months ago. Furthermore, it’s thick jeans I have to alter. Huh! So I did not blame my dear hubby for not have full confidence in me to get the job done. I determine to show him I can do it. So it’s pretty crucial for me to get this first job done successfully.

Ultimately, I had it all done within a few hours. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. Pheeew! And I love my new sewing machine. It works so good and easy, much easier than the one I had many-many years ago. I am very happy with it. If you are looking for a sewing machine, you might want to consider Singer 7442. It cost only $197+. Reviews on it are very good. That’s the reason I had chosen it amongst others at the first place.

Glad I had it all done now. So no more irritating morning for me and I guess for dear hubby too. :-))