Thursday, February 28, 2008


Have you ever noticed gals who sit their handbags on public toilet floors, then go directly to their dining tables and set it on the table? Happens a lot!

It's not always the 'restaurant food' that causes stomach distress. Sometimes 'what you don't know will hurt you'!

Read on...
Mom got so upset when guests came in the door and plopped their handbags down on the counter where she was cooking or setting up food. She always said that handbags are really dirty, because of where they have been. It's something just about every woman carries with them. While we may know what's inside our handbags, do you have any idea what's on the outside?

Women carry handbags everywhere; from the office to public toilets to the floor of the car. Most women won't be caught without their handbags, but did you ever stop to think about where your handbag goes during the day. 'I drive a school bus, so my handbag has been on the floor of the bus a lot,' says one woman. 'On the floor of my car, and in toilets.' 'I put my handbag in grocery shopping carts and on the floor of the toilet,' says another woman 'and of course in my home which should be clean.'

We decided to find out if handbags harbor a lot of bacteria. We learned how to test them at Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake, and then we set out to test the average woman's handbag. Most women told us they didn't stop to think about what was on the bottom of their handbag. Most said at home they usually set their handbags on top of kitchen tables and counters where food is prepared. Most of the ladies we talked to told us they wouldn't be surprised if their handbags were at least a little bit dirty. It turns out handbags are so surprisingly dirty, even the microbiologist who tested them was shocked.

Microbiologist Amy Karen of Nelson Labs says nearly all of the handbags tested were not only high in bacteria, but high in harmful kinds of bacteria. Pseudomonas can cause eye infections, staphylococcus aurous can cause serious skin infections, and salmonella and e-coli found on the handbags could make people very sick.

In one sampling, four of five handbags tested positive for salmonella, and that's not the worst of it. 'There is fecal contamination on the handbags' says Amy. Leather or vinyl handbags tended to be cleaner than cloth handbags, and lifestyle seemed to play a role. People with kids tended to have dirtier handbags than those without, with one exception.

The handbag of one single woman who frequented nightclubs had one of the worst contaminations of all. 'Some type of feces, or possibly vomit' says Amy. So the moral of this story is that your handbag won't kill you, but it does have the potential to make you very sick if you keep it on places where you eat. Use hooks to hang your handbag at home and in toilets, and don't put it on your desk, a restaurant table, or on your kitchen countertop.

Experts say you should think of your handbag the same way you would a pair of shoes.
'If you think about putting a pair of shoes onto your countertops, that's the same thing you're doing when you put your handbag on the countertops' - Your handbag has gone whereindividuals before you have sneezed, coughed, spat, urinated, emptied bowels, etc! Do you really want to bring that home with you? The microbiologists at Nelson also said cleaning a handbag will help. Wash cloth handbags and use leather cleaner to clean the bottom of leather handbags.

Snowing Day


I was in shocked when I woke up and looked outside the window yesterday. It was snowing outside. Look like it had been snowing for a while as the ground already covered with snow. Do not ask me how many inches of snow though as it barely covered the ground….haha.

It's snowing!

While it was still snowing hard, my hubby and I decided that Billy should just stay home. Yeah, Billy got his 1st school day off(LOL) after only two days in school. Dear hubby called Billy’s teacher on the phone to let them know our decision but she told hubby that they are abided to the Oak Ridge school's rules and none of school in Oak Ridge would be in session because of the bad weather.

Yeah, finally we had the opportunity to bring Billy out to play in the snow. This was his first time really walking on the snow. Last time we had pretty ‘good’ snow was while we were still in Knoxville and Billy was only about a year old then. His daddy brought him out for a while but that was it….no fun at all….hihi!

So before dear hubby went to work, we brought Billy out to play in the snow. Billy was having fun running around heedless of the cold weather. I am not sure if he really enjoyed the snow or just happy to be outside with mommy and daddy.

Brrrrr. I am freezing mom.

He was having fun walking in the snow.

Enjoying his morning walk in the snow.

At the backyard.


It's been snowing continuously but the snow melted away so fast. At least Billy had the opportunity to play in the snow before it all gone.

Spring lilies?

Last firewoods for the winter.

Peace Award

Indeed this week is an awards giving week...haha. But what are more exciting than receiving an awards and appreciation from a friends. Don't you agree? :-))

I have received this peace award early this week from Rose World, all the way from Malaysia. Thank you Rose. I really appreciate it.

Okay, now I would like to spread the peace and love to Dina in the Midwest and across the North Atlantic Ocean to Luthie, in Germany. Have a great weekend kawan!

Award From Luthie

Horaaaay!! I got an Award from Luthie today. Thank you very much Luthie.

Now I am going to share this award with Dina. Happy blogging Dina!

Wet Pant

I got this one from Luthie. Loves the story and thought I share it with you. Thanks Luthie.

Come with me to a third grade classroom..... There is a nine-year-old kid sitting at his desk and all of a sudden, there is a puddle between his feet and the front of his pants are wet. He thinks his heart is going to stop because he cannot possibly imagine how this has happened. It's never happened before, and he knows that when the boys find out he will never hear the end of it. When the girls find out, they'll never speak to him again as long as he lives.

The boy believes his heart is going to stop; he puts his head down and prays this prayer, "Dear God, this is an emergency! I need help now! Five minutes from now I'm dead meat."He looks up from his prayer and here comes the teacher with a look in her eyes that says he has been discovered. As the teacher is walking toward him, a classmate named Susie is carrying a goldfish bowl that is filled with water. Susie trips infront of the teacher and inexplicably dumps the bowl of water in the boy's lap. The boy pretends to be angry, but all the while is saying to himself, "Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Lord!" Now all of a sudden, instead of being the object of ridicule, the boy is the object of sympathy. The teacher rushes him downstairs and gives him gym shorts to put on while his pants dry out. All the other children are on their hands and knees cleaning up around his desk.

The sympathy is wonderful. But as life would have it, the ridicule that should have been his has been transferred to someone else - Susie. She tries to help, but they tell her to get out. You've done enough, you klutz! "Finally, at the end of the day, as they are waiting for the bus, the boy walks over to Susie and whispers, "You did that on purpose, didn't you?" Susie whispers back, "I wet my pants once too. "May God help us see the opportunities that are always around us to do good..Remember. Just going to church doesn't make you a Christian any morethan standing in your garage makes you a car. Each and everyone one of us is going through tough times right now, but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that only He can. Keep the faith.

My instructions were to pick people that I wanted God to bless, and I picked you. Feel free to pass this to people you want to be blessed. And The Prayer: Father, I ask You to bless my friends, relatives and those that I caredeeply for, who are reading this right now. Show them a new revelation of Your love and power. I ask You to minister to their spirit at this very moment. Where there is pain, give them Your peace and mercy. Wherethere is self-doubt, release a renewed confidence through Your grace.Where there is need, I ask you to fulfill their needs. Bless their homes, families, finances, their goings and their comings. Amen.

JOHN 14:6Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comesto the Father except through me.

Peace Award

Indeed this week is an awards giving week...haha. But what are more exciting than receiving an awards and appreciation from a friends. Don't you agree? :-))

I have received this peace award early this week from Rose World, all the way from Malaysia. Thank you Rose. I really appreciate it.

Okay, now I would like to spread the peace and love to Dina in the Midwest and across the North Atlantic Ocean to Luthie, in Germany. Have a great weekend kawan!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Day To Remember - School Album 1

A Day To Remember

Last Monday was Billy’s first day in preschool. Yeah, he is going to preschool 4 days a week from 9.30am to 11.30am. Since I do not drive(not yet) and hubby have to go to work early, we decided for him to ride on the school transportation. It was a very exciting day for all of us. Okay, maybe more of a nervous and anxious day for mommy and daddy. I am sure its happens to most, if not all parents on their kids 1st day going to school. (LOL)

It was not really a perfect started for us. I thought the school bus come at around 9.25am so I did not wake Billy up until quarter to 8.00am. Urrrg! Normally Billy woke up much earlier than that but like he knew it was the best day to sleep away and make mommy and daddy even more nervous….haha. Thought I had everything in control and only gave him breakfast at 8.00am. While Billy was having breakfast, the teacher called to let us know that the van was on the way. That’s when the rushing button got push down. We had him ready within 5 minutes, just on time for the bus. Thank God I had his backpack ready the night before. But poor Billy did not even finish his breakfast. I felt so bad but my hubby assured me that they have snacks time and he will be fine.

While my hubby carried Billy to the school van, I went to get the camera without knowing my hubby had it with him. We had planned days before that I would be the one to carry Billy to the school van while my hubby being the cameraman. I thought since dear hubby carry Billy, I have to do the cameraman job….haha. Since everything got messed up, dear hubby only managed to take a couple of picture of Billy in the van. When I get to the van, Billy was already strapped on his seat. Poor Billy looked confused, everything happened so fast. Dear hubby said he struggled a little bit while the teacher put him on the seat. But second later, he was smiling to everybody and look at us with empty look. Seems like he was all ready to go for the next new thing. Did not even bother to say goodbye to mommy and daddy who hardly let him go.

‘So you feel being single again, huh!’ that’s the first question my dear hubby asked me when we got inside the house. He had a good laughed when I told him my heart was at Billy’s school. So don’t ask me such question again….haha! While I was getting ready, dear hubby went to take a quick shower, very quick indeed. Soon later I heard him grumbling and when I asked what the matter is, he laughs his lung out. He forgot to wash his hair. So he jumped back into the shower. I was not the only one with the nervous feeling, caught him redhanded.(LOL) Less than 30 minutes, we were all ready to go to check on Billy in his school. But it was not even 9.00am and we still have 30 minutes before we can check on him. So more ‘worrying’ time for mommy….haha!

I was so eased when we got to the school and were told that Billy was doing really great. There are 8 kids including him and 3 teachers in his class. We watched him from the small ‘peek’ room that connected to their classroom. It was really nice watching him playing in the class. I wish can sit and watch him in the whole 2 hours, every day. Okay, pathetic me. But I really enjoyed watching him playing and socialized with other kids. We waited until their snack time. Billy refused to drink milk from the sippy cup. He drinks from a regular cup.

We felt much better as we left his school knowing he enjoying the whole two hours and him absolutely in good hands. We thought Billy probably missed us too as he gave dear hubby extra long hugs when he got home an hour later. Very sweet indeed. Yup, something for him to be proud of when we tell him the story someday..hihi.

I will post some pitures on the next post. :-)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flu Breakout in East Tennessee?

Yesterday we brought Billy to the Pediatrician for his second birthday checked up. Not really a good time to bring healthy kids to the clinic in East Tennessee right now. It has been several weeks, East Tennessee have this ‘flu’ breakout led to more than a dozen of schools to close. We do not know how serious these 'flu' are but it is in the local news almost every day since early this month.

People were also advised not to visit their sick family or friends and not going to the doctor either if they are sick with no fever to avoid the long line and the risks of getting sicker. That's what my hubby have told me. I have not really put much attention on the local news. Anyway, things started to kick in my head yesterday as we saw the big sign on the registration's window for people to expect long wait because of the double numbers of sick children. We vacillated but since we were there so just crossed our fingers that Billy don’t caught any of the nasty bugs from the clinic.

My hubby asked the doctor if the flu shot didn’t work as why lots of people would have gotten the virus. The doctor said my hubby was the fourth person asked him the very same question.(LOL) He doesn’t believe that was the case as there were no proved of it, at least in Oak Ridge. Most of the children he saw have something else or just a common cold. But just this evening, they announce that 15 schools would be close tomorrow(Friday)due to the flu breakout. Are they getting bad? Now I am getting nervous. Okay, enough with the ‘flu’.

I thought Billy started to get the connection between the doctor and nurses with pain. He started to cry when the nurse step into the room. We even had hard time getting him to sit or stand on the weight machine, let alone have him to lie down. Poor Billy was kicking and screaming all the way through the check up. Eventually we had everything done including drawn some blood sample and Hep B shot. Have to do what we have to do. Thank God the next appointment is a year away, yeaaah!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera

I saw this video at Financial Freedom Sg and it's really amazed me. It is about Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic but with only 45 minutes helicopter flight, he drew a perfect drawing of historic city center in Italy using just his memory. Watch it and you'll be amazed. I have been watching this video over and over again, love the music too.

Quiet Birthday!

I have been a little busy in these few days. Nothing new, just the same old story…hihi! My little one has pretty much occupied me as usual. Billy turned 2 years old last Thursday. We celebrated his birthday at home, just the three of us. Another quiet birthday for him. Actually, we planned to go out for dinner but something came up at work and my hubby did not make it home until 6.00pm. I was a little disappointed but knowing he did his best so I am not complaining. Since it was pretty late and reluctant to deal with the long queue and the packed restaurant on Valentine's Day, we decided to just had dinner at home.

So for the first time on the double special day, we dine at home. I made ayam masak merah(Malaysian Style Spicy Chicken) which turned out really good. Okay, don’t ask me how to make it from scratch because I used instant paste….haha! In fact, I used my last packet of ayam masak merah's instant paste, which I bought from Malaysia a year ago. Yes, I had it for a year and still have a few months to reach it expire date. :-))

After done with dinner, my hubby gets the birthday cake and presents ready while I had Billy occupied inside his room. Billy get Elmo’s big singing balloon, a bag of blocks(Lego), wooden alphabet blocks, an airplane and a dump truck. (By the way, the airplane and the dump truck were so cheap and surprisingly, they are made in USA). While we came out from his room, darling hubby turned the living and dinning room's lights off and sing ‘Happy Birthday'. I wish had taken a video on the beautiful moment. Billy enjoyed every moment of it especially watching the burning candles on his cake and absolutely loves his Elmo’s singing balloon.

We didn’t manage to get his studio pictures taken on his birthday but we will do it this weekend. Hopefully we can get it done this time. I will share the pics when we get it all done next weekend.

Thank you very much to for your birthday wishes to Billy. I really appreciate it. I am going to put it in his craft book. Thank you guys!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

First Video of Elmo Live Singing and Dancing

Here's Elmo Live performing his newest rap hit, "Elmo's Gotta Get On Up". His moves are smooth and funky, his style reminds us of hip-hop's old school pioneers, and his biggest fan is a mad scientist. How could it get any better?

Watch the Video

You want the blocks? Best CraigsList Ad Of All Time Ever.

Hahaha.....this is really hilarious! I can't help but laugh my heart out. Sorry about the 'F' word, I hate it too but it is just soooo funny.

Check it out

Happy Birthday Little Darling!

Yeah!!! He is 2 years old today!! Happy birthday little darling. You are our proud and joy. We love you soooo much! Mommy & dada.

MIRACLE by Celine Dion

You're my life's one miracle
Everything I've done that's good
And you break my heart with tenderness
And I confess it's true
I never knew a love like this 'til you
You're the reason I was born
Now I finally know for sure
And I'm overwhelmed with happiness
So blessed to hold you close
The one that I love most
Though the future has so much for you in store
Who could ever love you more

The nearest thing to heaven
You're my angel from above
Only God creates such perfect love
When you smile at me I cry
And to save your life I'd die
With a romance that is pure in heart
You are my dearest part
Whatever it requires
I live for your desires
Forget my own
Your needs will come before
Who could ever love you more

There is nothing you could ever do
To make me stop loving you
And every breath I take
Is always for your sake
You sleep inside my dreams
And know for sure
Who could ever love you more

Happy Valentine's Day Dear Hubby.

Happy Valentine's Day honey! I love you! Lop ew!

Ever since you
stepped into my life....,
You've filled it with...,
Love, warmth and
lots of precious moments....,

You are the best thing
that ever happened to me!
I love you!

Big Hugs and Kisses. (SMOOCH!!) (SMOOCH!!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Free $5 Similac Check

I have another $5 Similac check to give away for free. It's good toward any Infants Formula from Similac and good until 05.08.08. All you need to do is send me your self-address stamped envelope and I will send you the check. Only for those with a baby, please. FCFS. Thank you!

UPDATE: The check was already taken. Thank you. April. 17th. 2008.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sorry Mom!!

Just a month ago we talked about our resolutions and New Year's goals. How is it going so far? Okay, it is a little too early to ask such a question….hihi! It is only the second month of the year. We still have plenty of time to make an achievement.

Anyway, one of my year 2008 goals is to give my parents a call as soon as possible, is there calamities happens here in the US to avoid their unnecessary apprehensive. Actually, I have this in my goal's list continuously from three years ago after the devastated hurricane Katrina struck New Orlean almost 3 years ago.

As you have already know it was big news all over the world for months including in Malaysia. I know my parents watch world news every day but never thought they can be so anxious since they didn't heard from us. Silly me thought they know we live in the Midwest that took a couple of days driving to New Orlean, so absolutely nothing to worry about. I didn’t get the sense until my sister rang and told me how anxious my parents were and asked her to give me a call. My mom was pretty disappointed because I didn't even bother to let them know how we were doing. Yup, I got an earful from my mom for not calling sooner….haha! I kept telling them not to be anxious regarding whatever they heard or see happening in this side of the world in the news. Guess the parents are always be parents even though the children already have their own family. They never stop worrying about their children.

Many of you probably heard about the deadly tornadoes that hits southern United States recently. Some parts of Tennessee were hit really bad and many losses the life. (My heart goes to their families). I knew it was in the news pretty much all over the world or not. But when I called my parents a few days ago, they saw it on television news. My dad said he told my mom not to be worried and Tennessee is a big state just like Sabah…hihi!

Yup, I made my mom worried again. I have been negligent(again)and only managed to give them a call three days later. Oh well, I need to do a better job.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Where Is Billy?

Yesterday after given Billy his lunch, I decided to do some house cleaning. Normally, after he's done with his lunch, I will let him play with his toys for about an hour before putting him for a nap.

So there he goes, running around in the house while I was vacuuming the floor. As always, I started with my hubby’s office then the living room. When I was about done in the living room, I noticed Billy was nowhere to be seen. I turned the noisy vacuum cleaner off and called him but to no reply. It scared the hell out of me but I was very sure had double checked both doors before I started to do my work. I have learned my lessons to always makes sure the doors are lock in a pretty scary way last summer. I might share about it later….hihi!

Anyway, I went to look in the kitchen but he wasn’t there. Then I saw the office door wide open. To my surprised he was sitting under his daddy’s computer table with the keyboard on his laps. What?????….haha!!! Instead of scolding him, I was speechless. Saw me rushing into the room, he poked his little fingers on the keyboard even faster. I could hear him typing as I entered the room...haha!

Maybe he thought, okay…. there’s the mommy coming, it’s your last chance(LOL). It was hilarious!!! I cannot help laughing my heart out. Thank God he didn’t mess up his daddy’s computer. He must have entered the room right after I left then grabbed and dropped the keyboard on the floor together with the mouse. With the noisy vacuum cleaner and busy mommy in the living room, he have plenty of time to play with the keyboard. What a sneaky little one. :-))

His daddy was laughing out loud when I told him about the incident. He certainly is our little sunshine.

Friday, February 1, 2008

'I Decided to Die Like a Man'

A millionaire yesterday told how he fought off three armed burglars who were holding a knife to his daughter's throat, saying he "would rather die like a man than a dog". Bernard Dwyer, 51, was convinced he and his family were about to be killed so he chose to take on the men - hours after they had allegedly killed a restaurant owner.

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What I Love and Hate

Deana tagged me on 'What I Love and Hate'.

1). I love to eat; Anything with noodles, especially noodle soup and fried noodle.
2). I hate to eat; Just like Deana, I do not eat raw fish. Does hinava count?

1). I love to go on; a road trip. I love going on a spontaneous road trip.
2). I hate to go on; a sea cruise. I can get sea sickness easily.

1). I love it when; I get emails/mails/sms's from my family and friends.
2). I hate it when; It's cold, dark and raining. Make me moody.

1). I love to see; Smiling faces
2). I hate to see; All kind of discrimination.

1). I love to hear
; Christmas songs. I play Christmas songs all the time esp when I need to clear my head. Weird? That's me...hihi!
2). I hate to hear; Emergency sirens. It always gives me goose bump.

I am passing the tag to;
Jen Jen