Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good News!

Hi guys! I had some good news to share today. I got my driving license! Yeaaah! And I already took over the ‘chauffeur’ job (if you can call it a job) for our darling son from my dear hubby started last week. For about two months, dear hubby has to works from home in the morning and only went off to work after he fetched Billy from school at noon. We did not have any problem with the transportation before because he rode on their school bus. That was before they had to stop running the school bus due to new school regulation.

So I determent to get my driving license very soon. By hook or by crook, I need to get one. (LOL) And yes, I did it! I got my driving license last Wednesday. The road test was quite easy, I would say. To my surprised, the guy did not test my parallel parking. I was so happy he did not as I am not so good on that one. ‘No error, you did a good job,' says the guy when I asked him if I made any. Horayyy! Hey, the examiner guy was so nice but quite serious, so no funny business….haha!

Thanks to dear hubby for being so helpful and supportive without any complaint. Okay, maybe some complaints particularly when I scared him to death when drove on the wrong side (whoooops!) of the road a couple of times. It happens on the very first week I started practicing my driving. Silly me!
Oh yeah, I would like to thank you for all your support, encouragement and good wishes, especially to Beth, Luthie and Dora…..thanks kawan. More later!