Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good News!

Hi guys! I had some good news to share today. I got my driving license! Yeaaah! And I already took over the ‘chauffeur’ job (if you can call it a job) for our darling son from my dear hubby started last week. For about two months, dear hubby has to works from home in the morning and only went off to work after he fetched Billy from school at noon. We did not have any problem with the transportation before because he rode on their school bus. That was before they had to stop running the school bus due to new school regulation.

So I determent to get my driving license very soon. By hook or by crook, I need to get one. (LOL) And yes, I did it! I got my driving license last Wednesday. The road test was quite easy, I would say. To my surprised, the guy did not test my parallel parking. I was so happy he did not as I am not so good on that one. ‘No error, you did a good job,' says the guy when I asked him if I made any. Horayyy! Hey, the examiner guy was so nice but quite serious, so no funny business….haha!

Thanks to dear hubby for being so helpful and supportive without any complaint. Okay, maybe some complaints particularly when I scared him to death when drove on the wrong side (whoooops!) of the road a couple of times. It happens on the very first week I started practicing my driving. Silly me!
Oh yeah, I would like to thank you for all your support, encouragement and good wishes, especially to Beth, Luthie and Dora…..thanks kawan. More later!


Dora A-Erb said...

CONGRATULATIONS kawan... (big smile here:)) You've made it... see I told you so .. hehe. I am so so very happy for you.... I want to give you BIG HUG. Siok kan driving... buli mansau here and there. Bah, hati-hati di jalanraya kio... tapi jangan pandai makan jalan... hahaha. So happy for you Hilda... XOXO.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilda, congratulation once again. I am so happy for you. Nah.. siok kan suda dpt driving licence.. boleh pegi there and here.. anytime lagi tuh.. :) bah.. like our friend Dora said : hati2 di jalanraya kio.. I once did drive at the wrong side of the road too.. lol..


Mary Ann said...

Hi Hilda,

How are you? Sorry lama tidak jenguk sini (jangan mare kio) been meaning to do so but faham2 jelah kio. Anyway, congrats to you and for officially being upgraded to being a chauffeur! LOL

Luthie said...

Nah congrats again Hilda! I know how it feels holding a foreign driving licence. Gembira kan? Make your life more convenient, no more depending on your DH anymore. Soon will be winter, the road might be slippery bah take extra careful okay. Enjoy driving!!!:)

Sue said...

Congrats..I need to sort mine out..hehe

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Dora! Big hugs for you kawan. Yabah, why I waited for 6 years, ciken betul...haha...makan jalan eh!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Beth! Thank you kawan. Nah, now inda sudah call Beth mau tanya the same question again and again....haha! Yabah, now pandai sudah pigi shopping sendiri. Seronok eh but hubby pula garu kepala.....terancam bah pocket dia....haha.

Billy's Mom said...

Hey Ann,
Thanks for dropping by. Kami baik saja, thank you for asking. Hope you & family sihat saja. It's okay bah Ann. I fully understand. Sia pun begitu, tambah lagi jadi chaffeur ni, kesibukan terus saya.
Thanks Ann.

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Luthie! Yup, life is more convenient and exciting(LOL). Bulih sudah pigi shopping any time esp Christmas is around the corner. But hubby still make some restriction though, no driving on snowy and icy road. Fair enough.

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Sue. So sorry I have not visit you for sometime. I'll visit you shortly. :-)

JenJen's Place said...


sam n nic's mammi said...

Hilda, congratulations on passing your driving licence, should I have known earlier, I would have come sooner to congratulate you....well done.....I am happy for you....now not only can you bring your son to school but you can go out even easier on your own ya....more independent....:)))

I am glad for you.....hugs....:)))

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Rose said...

Hi there! Sorry for not dropping by for so long! :)

Congratulations on your driving license. So now can confidently driving around the area???

InobonG ProPer said...

wah dpt licence sdh..congrats kio..nanti kalo ada opportunity pi sana...buli lah bawa saya jalan2 ;)
(dream onnnn...phil) hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi hilda been a while didn't visit u ..i oso busy with things around here and sama ohh kita nii hahaha i also just get my driving licence here in kl hahaha ..long time masa bujang2 tia mau ambil skrang when thinking of fetching my daughter from school hah baru kelam kabut mau ambil hehe but lucky got the licence now and congratulation for u too ...bah hati2 di jalanraya kio hehe

shirley aka beautiza said...

congrates cuz.. bah buli lah ko ambil sya kalu sya p sana.. well i dont know when that will be..

Billy's Mom said...

Jen - Thank you Jen!

Joann - Thank you kawan. Yeah, so happy I do not have to depend on hubby on everything now. I should have my license done many years ago....haha! Hugs for Joann!

Hussain - Thanks for dropping by!

Rose - I am more confidence driving around O.R now. Got lost a couple of time but guess that's help us learn and gain confidence(LOL) in driving. Thank you Rose. :-)

Phil - Bah boleh bah. Sure! Mana tau someday ada peluang datang sini kan. Thanks Phil! :-)

Cay - Congrats to you too,Cay! Yabah....It was so silly when we have car sitting at home and I am capable to drive and yet Billy has to skip school due to a transportation prob. Glad I have my driving license now. :-)

Shirl - Thanks Cuz! Sure, anytime cuz!