Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April!

Happy April and Happy spring all! Sorry for the long silence. I had been a while.

Okay, I am going to share some pics that left from the Malaysia trip. The rest of it
were gone (wuaaaahh!) together with my old hard drive. DH really messed it up good (LOL). It wont even turn on at all. Geramnya! So mad at DH but had to bite my tongue as he had in fact told me to make a copy of all the pictures. I thought would do it after we get home. My laptop was just a couple of months old then, I thought it will less likely to die on me but I lost the gamble.

Anyway, we had tried everything to recover the data within the 15 days before we had to Fedex it back to Dell. DH even bought an EHD thingy (LOL!) in his efforts to read the data but to no success. Oh well, I learnt my lesson. Aaaah! I am done raving…..hihi!

Okay, you can view the rest of our holiday pictures. Thank God I did not empty my camera as I normally do before we go on a trip. Otherwise, we could have loss everything. So enjoy!


Dora A-Erb said...

I should say... welcome back to blogging again. Timbul-tenggelam pun tidak pa bah kawan... as long as you won't completely forget about us...hehe.

Anyways, I've seen all your beautiful vacation pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them here kio. Just looking at then makes me so homesick... can't wait for our "balik kampung trip" which is in 5 weeks' time. Bah, see you around...

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Anonymous said...
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