Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Vacation In The UK?

Dear hubby told me that he would probably go to a conference in Italy sometime next year. I am so excited as we have been talking about going for a trip to Europe for sometime. It would be like a dream come true for me. (LOL)

After the conference, we plan to visit the UK for one week. Since there is still no black and white about the conference just yet, we can just plan our vacation and think about the hotels' reservation later. However, I am not really worried about finding good last minute on accommodation for the trip as I have found plenty of great deals for cheap hotels UK. Cheaperthanhotels provide last minutes' accommodation and hotels in the UK and year round discount on all types of accommodation and hotels. Some of the deals they offers also include free breakfast, free use of facilities such as gyms, swimming pools and internet access facilities. So this is great as we have many choices at last minutes and not just grab whatever deals the hotels offered to us.

London Eye.

Our first destination is London and later to Scotland and Manchester. I would like to visit some popular tourist destinations like Windsor Castle, London Eye, Buckingham Palace and many more interesting places in the UK. With the long list of places to visit and with so limited time, we definitely need to find the right London hotels to stay. I would surely check Cheaperthanhotels for the best deals for the hotels in London.

Dear hubby and I love old historic buildings. One of our European friends suggested we should visit the famous Scottish castle, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. She said it is magnificent and we would definitely like it. Sound very interesting indeed. Good thing, I found that they also offer great deals on Edinburgh hotels. Cheap hotels mean more shopping money for me. (LOL)

Southside Guest House, Edinburgh

The Famous Edinburgh Castle.

Anyway, our trip to the UK, would not be completed if we do not visit Manchester City. Yup, the home of the world's most famous soccer club Manchester United. We should at least stay a day or two in Manchester. So I would be looking for a great deal for Manchester hotels too.

Golden Hotel Tulip Manchester.

I hope to get the same or better deals for us to choose from if dear hubby got a nod from the boss.


Joyce Asing-Cashman said...

Your entry reminds me of London, Hilda. I was there for 1 1/2 yrs-studying. You will have a blast visiting London, and there are so much to see as you have mentioned. I really like Scotland - Awesome!!! I am hoping I'll be able to go there again- this time with my hubby and little one, of course. Dulu time bujang2 lagi ;-).

sam n nic's mammi said...

Hey that's cool Hilda, hope the plan comes through and you'll be on your way to Europe next year :)

Billy's Mom said...

Oh you were studying in London pula. Punya siok! Yes, I would love to visit Scotland. :-) Thank you Joyce. You have a great weekend yah.

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you, Joann. Harap-harap kesampaian lah juga ni satu hari nanti. :-)
You have a nice weekend yah!

shirley said...

grrr you lucky girl... hehe.. bah update us abt ur visit kio... have a safe n enjoyable trip.. love..

agnes at precious moments said...

kalau ada masa, u shoud try visit Oxford as well, only 30-45 minutes drive from London. been there for 2 year dulu. love the city.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Shirley!
Sure! But belum tau lagi bah tu.
Thanks cuz.

Billy's Mom said...

Thanks Agnes. Oh...you were there for 2 years. Nice!
Yes, will keep it in mind if we ever make the trip. :-)

Thanks Agnes!