Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Washington DC Trip 2

Cape Charles beach. One gorgeous little girl came to say hi to Billy but our shy little boy run to dada instead.

I need my swimming trunk, mom.

Aaah! Strange looking bird.

A dash of sand found it way on Billy’s cheeks.

We drove through Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel from Cape Charles to Virginia Beach.

One of the tunnel.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
They charge two different entrance fees to the city parks/beaches to the local and out of state visitors. So we decided to keep our $8 and continue our journey instead.

We stopped for lunch at a seafood restaurant in Virginia. I ordered ‘fried soft crab’. It was pretty disappointing. As you see in the pic, it a very small crabs, just two of them. The two small crabs, coleslaw, biscuit and applesauce cost me $12. The crabs taste was not even close to the one I had in Gayang Seafood Restaurant, back home.

Dear hubby had fried fish fillet. His lunch is cheaper and taste better than mine.

Strange looking cloud.

Bethany Beach. I like this family friendly and well maintain beach.

Beautiful beach! .

Tired little one. Napping in style. (LOL!)

Virginia Beach…beautiful! Unfortunately, Billy was napping and we decided to just take some pics and continue our journey to the next town.

After the long boring journey, we brought Billy to the pool at the motel where we stayed in. It’s much more fun than just sitting in the car.

Billy fell off the step face down into the water, scared the hell out of me. But minutes later he was back into the pool. We have determined to send him to swimming lesson by summer next year….haha.


Dora A-Erb said...

Billy looks so cute in all the pictures... and it seems like he had a real great time. Great pictures Hilda, thanks for sharing :)

Rosabel said...

Nice pictures! It seems so quiet and peaceful over there! Thank God you were with him when billy fell in the water. I have had such experience before with my friend's daughter.

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Dora. Yes, he enjoy the long ride. He such a good little passenger. :-)

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Rosabel,
Thank you for dropping by. Dear hubby was next to him when it happened and he got him right away. Scared him too.

shirley said...

wah billy looks so happy... cute oh dia.. hugs n kisses from aunty shirley kio.

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Shirl. Hugs and kisses from Billy.