Thursday, October 30, 2008

Billy's First Trick Or Treat

This post has been sitting in my draft waiting to be edited and post since Halloween. So this is a sort of an all story...hihi.
Guess what? Billy has his very first trick or treat experience yesterday morning. His school organized a trick or treat field trip to a nearby college. Since parents were invited and were Billy’s first time trick or treat, dear hubby and I joint the group. It was really fun watching the children in their Halloween costumes. :-)Billy wore a bumble bee costume from his school's Halloween costume's collection. He refused to wear the one we bought him. Ahem....yup, the tiger costume....hihi. Good thing we were able to return it to the store. Save some money for Christmas....haha.
They are ready for trick or treat.

My Bumble Bee Trick or Treater

Beautiful little Zebra.

Little bumble bee and the Little Wizard with one of the teacher.

Look like I need another bucket, dad.(LOL)

Thank you!

There were two or three hallway with students with bags of candy waiting for the children. They are as excited as the trick or treater.(LOL!)

Ain't they adorable?

The goodies from Billy's bucket. Among them are book, toothbrush, cup and stickers. Don't know what we gonna do with all those candies now. (LOL)


shirley aka beautiza said... cute c billy... byk lah dia dpt? lain kali kirim p KP bah...hehehe.. cant wait to meet u guys, cuz.

Luthie said...

Wow...cute cute those kids and of course Billy yang paling handsome di sana. Hey he looks bigger than last time photos. He´s growing tapi macam ada slim sikit kan? Maybe memanjang kan. Yabah I see your DH pakai light jacket saja, di sini my kids pigi trick-or-treat pakai winter jackets sudah because in the evening quite cold sudah. Byknya goodies, the kids were really pampered kan. I like Billy punya bucket ada books, toothbrush, cups or stickers..i don´t mind my kids getting those daripada sweet stuff actually. Thanks for sharing and welcome back to blogging world dear.

JenJen's Place said...

SO CUTE!!!!!! Billy really growing up fast yah!

Anyway, welcome back!!!!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Cuz,
Yes, he got lots of candies. Penuh tu bucket dia, ada lagi yang terpaksa masuk dalam handbag mama dia...haha. We still have half bucket of candies. Some sudah saya buang. :-)

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Luthie! Yeah, he indeed looked so skinny in those pic. That was just a week after he got tummy bug. I could tell how light he was when I held him. Seminggu bah dia cuma minum air/juice and sometime makan yogurt and just that. He was 25 Lbs in Feb and still weight the same now. :-(

Yes, nice kan to see other than candies in their bucket. They are just little kids anyway. :-)

Billy's Mom said...

Thanks Jen. Yes, he is growing up really fast....wuaaah!

sam n nic's mammi said...

what a cute bumble bee Billy your son was on halloween Hilda.....:))

Now i see hershey's chocolate among his stash of goodies, i love that hershey's,....have not seen those for a long long time now....:))