Thursday, March 6, 2008

Malaysian 12th GE- Big Day on Saturday.

“Ah, doing the same thing again at this time? You should go for a walk around the block or something different while Billy is in school.” That’s what my hubby said to me this morning after Billy left for school. He must have noticed the quietness in the house as normally he went to work before Billy’s school van came. I told him that he is probably right but I would like to reserve this precious 3 hours to do blog …...haha! But it might be changing in the spring. We will see.

But for now, I would like to make use of my 3 hours quiet time to work on my blog. I still have a few tags and Meme to work on. Hopefully I could get it all done this weekend or at least sometimes next week.

Oh yeah, folks back home are going to the poll on Saturday. Yeah!!!!! It’s the 50th GE for Malaysian. Even though I am so far away from home, I could feel the heats from the GE. For months, the GE’s topic was part of the conversation every time I talked to my dad on the phone. Lot of interesting events are happening in our home town right now. The incumbent candidate for our home town is our family friend and the other candidate is somewhat related to us. But it does not really matter much as it is obvious that my family will be voting for the candidate with integrity and dignity.

Saturday morning, I would be sitting in front of my laptop looking for the poll results and definitely would call my family back home. It gonna be so exciting as all my sisters (except the one in singapore) and brother would be at my parents. Normally they would also invite some friends and cousins over while waiting for the poll results on television. It’s once in five years interesting get together of course…..haha!

Hope all the elected candidates on Saturday evening would highly appreciate the people mandates for them and works hard to make Malaysia a better country.


Rose said...

Hi Billy's mom! You even excited about the general election even so far away? Hahaha! yes, a sure exciting affair once in 5 years! Bluek!! If you want to know the heat in Kuching, check out the link from my blog. It is very interesting to know the result for Sarawak this time round!!

Billy's Mom said...

Haha Rose, pathetic me. Yes, I am sooo excited about it even though I am on the other side of the world. There's something different in this election and I found it really interesting.
Sure Rose, thank you for the link.