Monday, March 3, 2008

My Weekend Task

My hubby had been nagging me to shorten his new jeans for several weeks. We bought him 3 pairs of jeans when we went to the mall last month and had been sitting in the closet since. I told my dear hubby I would shorten it for him sometime. Otherwise, we had to send it to the tailor and would cost us about $11 or so for each pair. So that would be $30++ saving for us if I could do it for him.

But boy oh boy, are men nagging worse than women. For several weeks, most popular Q & A in the house particularly in the morning was 'honey, when are you going to shorten my pants?' and of course the popular answer, ‘don’t worry hon, I would do it sometimes soon.' I was not sure who became irritated more on that Q & A session (LOL). Yeah…yeah, I know, it’s been several weeks already ……haha!

So last weekend, I decided it’s time to get our peaceful morning back. Time to get the job done….haha. The challenging part, it had been almost a decade since I used sewing machine and to get my new sewing machine to work for the first time since I had it 5 months ago. Furthermore, it’s thick jeans I have to alter. Huh! So I did not blame my dear hubby for not have full confidence in me to get the job done. I determine to show him I can do it. So it’s pretty crucial for me to get this first job done successfully.

Ultimately, I had it all done within a few hours. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. Pheeew! And I love my new sewing machine. It works so good and easy, much easier than the one I had many-many years ago. I am very happy with it. If you are looking for a sewing machine, you might want to consider Singer 7442. It cost only $197+. Reviews on it are very good. That’s the reason I had chosen it amongst others at the first place.

Glad I had it all done now. So no more irritating morning for me and I guess for dear hubby too. :-))


Rose said...

Wow! You into sewing? Hehehe!

Btw, you have been nominated as Top Five Hottest Blog, check it out at my blog!! Good luck! :)

Billy's Mom said...

Wah! Top Five Hottest Blog???? Are you sure? Haha...Thanks you very much, Rose. So nice of you.

Haha....yeah, I love sewing. I guess got it from my mom....hihi!
Thanks Rose.

Luthie said...

You like sewing kah? I hate this job! haha but sometimes have to do it lah especially to alter long pants..I never have the luck to buy jeans without having them cut short..satu kali alter 10 euro..4 jeans 40 euro..the other day the offer sewing machine for 40 euro I grab it...look exactly like yours hehe...

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Luthie!,

Yes, I love sewing. Seronok eh. Yabah Luthie, mahal kan mau alter. Now saya yakin sudah mau alter jeans. Sama kah Luthie, 40 euro saja wahhh, untung oh you....haha.