Monday, March 17, 2008

Not So Nice Weekend.

Sorry for not be able to update my blog over the weekend. I had been down with a cold. It's a shame we did not make it to the Palm Sunday Mass either. What a time to get sick, huh!

Billy has a little fever and runny nose when he came back from school last Wednesday. I guess that is a common risk parents have to take once their kids going to school. Thank God, after giving him some meds, his fever has gone. He was able to go to school on Thursday despite having a runny nose. When I told his teacher about it, she said ‘All of them have runny nose’. Ahah!

I am feeling better today though. Time to get back to my routine. What else! Do house chores, updating my blog and blah blah. Meanwhile, I shall think of stuff to pack for our trip this weekend. We are leaving for a week trip to San Francisco on Easter Sunday. Yeah, I know, too bad, while other people attending Easter Sunday Mass, we are going to be in the airport. Nope, we are not going on vacation….haha! Dear hubby is having a week conference in San Francisco and we are tagging along. I am so excited as this is my first trip to San Francisco. We plan to rent a car for the weekend so we can cruise around better. Unfortunately, Billy is going to miss school for one week.


Luthie said...

You´re sick? Kesian bah get well soon. Kesian si Billy pun sakit..always the case kalau sudah pigi sekolah memang terjangkit punya..Kenneth also like that..first he get it from the kindergarden, go home spread to Kyle and us...huh!.
San Francisco? Euuuww...kirim salam ah..take lots of photos.
Hope we can make it to Easter Sunday too...will be very cold during Easter maybe snow again aargghhh.
Take care.

Rose said...

Get well soon!! And also Billy boy!

My little gal also down with running nose!! Sigh! Guess everyone is sick at this time of the year! ;p

Dina said...

Get well kio Hilda! And have fun in SFO!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Luthie,
Yeah, I had a fever on the weekend but better now. Masih batuk-batuk lagi lah. Mula-mula Billy then me then dear hubby, haiyah apa macam mau elak lagi.
Thanks Luthie. Hopefully the weather would be nice the whole week next week, otherwise, boringlah.

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Rose. Oh your little gal have runny nose also. Poor one. Billy still have runny nose but getting better.

Billy's Mom said...

Thanks Dina. How is the weather in STL now? I saw in the news that some part of MO got some bad flood. We have crazy weather since last night.
Take care and stay safe kio.

Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
Take care!!!