Thursday, December 27, 2007

Before and After Christmas

This year just like every Christmas my darling hubby handled all the cooking on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Okay, I admit he is a better cook than me. So he did all the cooking and I helped with cleaning and the dishes. That's an easy job for wifey. Thanks to the dishwasher ...haha!

Anyway, hubby made oysters stew which was our regular menu on Christmas Eve. Hubby says it's his family's Christmas Eve traditional menu.

Hubby's Christmas Eve traditional menu - Oysters stew.


The oyster’s stew turned out really good. Hubby did a great job. The first time I ate oysters stew was about 6 years ago, I think it was strange. I love oysters but prefer it in curry. So I thought what about Asian special oyster curry for a change next time. The next Christmas Eve I took over the cooking job and cooked curry oysters but its turned out not as good as I expected. LOL! Since that I decided to let him in charge of the big cooking...hihi!

Whooopsy, wrong spoon.

Yum yum.

It's cost only $7 each.

On Christmas day, we invited our friend and Doug's colleague, Dr. Padmaja for dinner. She brought one big yummy cake, thanks Padma. And thank you for the nice Christmas present for Bill too.

Billy with our our friend, Dr. Padma.

Billy was so excited to see his aunt Padma.

Aunt Padma, can you help me unwrap my present?

Okay, I'm gonna do it myself.

I did it!! Aahah! Pete the repeat parrot! Thank you aunt Padma.

Chef in action.

Yummy roast duck

Hubby's sweet potatoes candy.

Simple but yummy dinner

Thank you for the big Christmas cake, Padma.

Our Nativity and fireplace.

The dinner was great. Once again hubby did a great job. The duck was really good; the sweet potatoes candy was nice too. (I used to skip the sweet potatoes candy because it's extremely sweet). After dinner we just relaxing in front of the fireplace, had some cake and watched movie. Thank you for being our guest Padma. We enjoyed your company. :=)

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