Friday, December 14, 2007

Children Ho Ho Ho Party

Last Sunday Billy was invited to a Children Christmas Party in Knoxville. That was his very 1st Christmas party. The place was quite huge and they have a big dance floor that never empty the whole two hours the party went on. There were about 60 or so children in the party. It's fun to see the children including Billy dancing while some were just exploring the big floor…. LOL!

She tried a couple of time to get Billy to dance with her. Isn’t she adorable?

Hmmm, wish I had one of that at home. Maybe that was what he had in mind. LOL!

They are cheering for Billy.

One little girl tried to hold his hands a couple time and get him dancing with her but he refused. He just ignored her and kept dancing. It’s hilarious.

But minutes later he showed off his little dance to a group of young girls. They clapped and dance with him. Oh boy, does he loves being in the middle of attention. LOL! Unfortunately I only managed to get a few shots before my camera battery went dead. :-(

Glad we came to the party despite bad weather the whole day. Billy had tremendous fun dancing, took pic with santa and met lots of new friends.

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