Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Christmas Tree Made it After Christmas

Hard to believed our Christmas tree made it all the way after Christmas. Of course it was a fun whole month of constant Billy get away from the tree! Billy leave the tree alone!, Billy please put the ornament back!, no Bill, it's not a toy! Etc. I am not complaining.... hihi! Poor one, he just can't resist, as everything are fascinating for him and it's the age of exploring the world.

The Christmas tree farm.

Nice trees.

Ahaaah! Thats the one!.

Done the cutting job...poor tree.

We were so disappointed Billy wasn't feeling well the day we wanted to get our Christmas tree. So Billy and I missed all the fun of looking and selecting and of course cutting down the tree. Hubby had all the fun by himself. Anyway, hubby did a good job, nice picked hon.

Hubby putting the Christmas tree stand.

Billy's first real Christmas tree.

Fascinated by the Christmas tree

Billy got busted, again!


Sorry mommy!

Our silly goose

Engrossed with the shiny Christmas ornament.

Our little explorer.

Overall, I still say Billy was pretty good with the Christmas tree's ornaments and lights. He got fascinated with the lights only on the first week. Unfortunate for the Christmas tree's ornaments though. By the end of second weeks, we had 5 or 6 ornaments end up in the trash. Oh well, mommy needs a new one anyway. Good reasons to get new ornaments LOL!

I am just looking at it.

I will put it back when I am done mommy.

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