Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Out Of Luck

Thank you all for the kind wishes on our anniversary. Sorry about the short post…hihi! We had a great time last weekend and on our anniversary. A little unfortunate we has to put on hold what we have planned last week because of the bad weather.

Actually, we planned to go to the drive-in theater last Sunday. We just wanted to do something different and memorable on our special day, konon. Dear hubby has been persuaded me to go to the drive-in theater for a while but the summer warm weather always put me off. Last Sunday was supposed to be cool and nice but the weather forecast has changed. It was raining on the late afternoon. We will still be going to one after we get back from our trip this weekend. I am hoping they will have ‘Sex and The City’ movie on by then….hihi!

On our anniversary we went to our favorite restaurant by the lake but to our disappointment they were close that day. So we head to another restaurant at the lake, Chinese restaurant sajalah….haha! Malaslah mau fikir. We had a nice dinner. Nothing really super special, let alone a candle light dinner. (LOL) I was not that excited to take pic either. That’s explaining why only one Billy’s pic in that post.….hihi! We might have our special anniversary dinner in DC sometimes next week.

After dinner we take a walk at the lake. Billy had so much fun watching geese and ducks swimming in the lake. I should have taken a few shots, oh well, maybe some other time.


Mama Tatana said...

Drive In Theatre sounds nice...u must go. I never been to any so far. Would like to try but rather wait till my boys are bigger a mana durang mau duduk juga tu..

Mbah anniversary not only celebrated with nice dinner bah sayang, duduk di rumah diam2 sama hubby pun boleh celebrate..hehe. For me those nice candle light dinner doesn´t count..yg penting bahagia kan. Klu 10 batang candle lights dinner pun tia guna kalau periuk di rumah berterbangan hahahaha...

Sandpiper said...

Sounds like a good time. They have closed all the drive-in theaters where I live.

You have a great blog. Your little boy is so cute. I bet it's fun having a two year old around. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's nice to meet you.

Rose said...

It may be late, but I still like to wish you and hubby a happy 6th Anniversary. Now, make me think that my anniversary is coming up! Next week!

So sweet. I wish we have a drive thru in Kch!

Billy's Mom said...

Yup, we will still go to the drive-in sometimes later. :-)

True indeed, Luthie......hahaha!

Billy's Mom said...

Hey sandpiper,
Thank you for visiting my page. Nice meeting you.

Yeah, it's something new for me. We do not have such thing back home.

He is our joy but sometimes give us headache too. :-)

Thanks sandpiper.

Billy's Mom said...

Hey Rose,
Thank you for your kind wish. How was your trip to KL? I read in Jen's blog, sound like you guys had a wonderful time shoppig and dining. :)

Sue said...

I'm a bit late...hehe..Happy Anniversary!

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Sue!