Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Events In Knoxville/Oak Ridge

Happy Monday all! Hope you guys had a nice weekend. Ours was okay. We missed The Secret City Festival events, which held at the Alvin Bissell Park last Friday and Saturday. I have forgotten that all kid's events were scheduled on Friday. The park is just several blocks away from us and still we missed it all. Oh well, there is always the next year.

Then on Saturday, The Secret City Festival events continued with WWII Combat Reenactment and WWII Living History at the same park. And guess what? We did not make it to the shows either …haha. It's all my fault. I saw my sister online on Skype and we chatted for 2 hours. By the time I was done chatting with my sister, it was already lunchtime for Billy. So we decided to just stay at home for the whole day instead. Pretty boring, huh!

This weekend, dear hubby is taking part in Dragon Boat Races in Knoxville Dragon Boat Festivals. It is a charity event with Knox Area Rescue Ministries as the beneficiary. Other than the dragon boat races, there will be an entertainment, cultural activities and fun activities for children. I am so excited, not only because of dear hubby is participating in the dragon boat race but also because they have Asian cultural performances and activities that day. Horaaay! It will be my first time watching Asian cultural performances live in East Tennessee. It should be fun for Billy as well, as there will be Children’s Fun Zone and this year for the first time they have Asian Culture Center…..yeah!!! I will try to take good pictures but we will see.

All Day Activities:
*More than 25 heats of racing
*Live Music by Dishwater Blonde at noon
*Live Music by Mission Possible at 2p.m.
*Performances by the Organization for Chinese/Chinese Americans at various times
*Children's Fun Zone sponsored by Coulter & Justus with inflatables, games and new this year - Asian Culture Center with fun interactive activities!


coolingstar9 said...

Wow, you always enjoy outing, this is good.
Billy mom, I am coolingstar9, I have a n award for you on mu blog0big heart.
This is the biggest heart award that I want to give to you as a gift, please take a look and take it.
Have a wonderful day.

Dora A-Erb said...

Wow ... your weekend's gonna be very exciting. Lucky you, get to see the Asian Dragon Boat Festival there and what makes it more exciting is that your hubby's gonna be in that race... that's awesome Hilda!!! I'm sure you and Billy will be cheering for dear daddy/hubby. Well, good luck to him. And make sure you take lots of pics to share here okay :)

Dina said...

Wow, have fun Hilda! It'll be a Great summer! Well, as long as we dont get flooded up here. Seems like it's been raining every day.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Coolingstar9,
Thank you for the big heart award.
That's wonderful! You have a great weekend!

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Dora,
We just came back from the festival. :-) Dear hubby have to get us home early as Billy was not feeling very well. I got just a couple of pics....hihi. I will try to post some later yah.
Have a great weekend, Dora.

Billy's Mom said...

Yes, so far so good, Dina. Hujan saja pula sana kamu, kami sini macam lama sudah inda hujan. Bah, you have a nice weekend yah.

Enid said...

Keep up the good work.