Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Are Back!!!!

Yeah!! We are back in town! So happy we made it home safe. We got home at about 11.00pm last night(Monday night). Actually, we supposed to stay overnight in Asheville, NC but last minutes we changed our mind and drove home. It was a nice driving home, at least for me and our little passenger as we were in our sweet dreamland most of the way. (LOL)

I still have loads of works to be done. Did all the unpacking yesterday and today will continue with house cleaning and laundries. Lot more works waiting for me, huh!

I will share about our trip when time permit.

Time to jump into the pool.

Enjoying his pool.

Hmmm...look like Billy need bigger pool soon. (LOL)


Luthie said...

Punyalah kiut tengok si Billy mandi saturang...looks like he needs a bigger one soon Hilda, macam tida cukup tempat sudah untuk dia hehehe...

Dora A-Erb said...

Your Billy sure looks contented and happy in his own little pool... pretty soon he needs a bigger one though :)

Billy's Mom said...

Hey Luthie....yabah, we bought the pool for him last year. Yes, he definitely need a bigger pool soon....hehe...maybe will just use this one for now and buy him bigger one next summer. :-))

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Dora,
Yes, he even figured out recently that he could step into the pool by himself. Jajal! :-) We will get him a bigger pool next summer or tunggu nanti lepas summer bila semua summer stuff kena sales...hihi! Thanks Dora!