Friday, February 1, 2008

What I Love and Hate

Deana tagged me on 'What I Love and Hate'.

1). I love to eat; Anything with noodles, especially noodle soup and fried noodle.
2). I hate to eat; Just like Deana, I do not eat raw fish. Does hinava count?

1). I love to go on; a road trip. I love going on a spontaneous road trip.
2). I hate to go on; a sea cruise. I can get sea sickness easily.

1). I love it when; I get emails/mails/sms's from my family and friends.
2). I hate it when; It's cold, dark and raining. Make me moody.

1). I love to see; Smiling faces
2). I hate to see; All kind of discrimination.

1). I love to hear
; Christmas songs. I play Christmas songs all the time esp when I need to clear my head. Weird? That's me...hihi!
2). I hate to hear; Emergency sirens. It always gives me goose bump.

I am passing the tag to;
Jen Jen


Rose said...

Hi there! Thanks for the tagging, I will get back to it soon! :)

Luthie said...

Thanks for the tag Hilda, nanti sia ambil and pass okay.