Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Day To Remember

Last Monday was Billy’s first day in preschool. Yeah, he is going to preschool 4 days a week from 9.30am to 11.30am. Since I do not drive(not yet) and hubby have to go to work early, we decided for him to ride on the school transportation. It was a very exciting day for all of us. Okay, maybe more of a nervous and anxious day for mommy and daddy. I am sure its happens to most, if not all parents on their kids 1st day going to school. (LOL)

It was not really a perfect started for us. I thought the school bus come at around 9.25am so I did not wake Billy up until quarter to 8.00am. Urrrg! Normally Billy woke up much earlier than that but like he knew it was the best day to sleep away and make mommy and daddy even more nervous….haha. Thought I had everything in control and only gave him breakfast at 8.00am. While Billy was having breakfast, the teacher called to let us know that the van was on the way. That’s when the rushing button got push down. We had him ready within 5 minutes, just on time for the bus. Thank God I had his backpack ready the night before. But poor Billy did not even finish his breakfast. I felt so bad but my hubby assured me that they have snacks time and he will be fine.

While my hubby carried Billy to the school van, I went to get the camera without knowing my hubby had it with him. We had planned days before that I would be the one to carry Billy to the school van while my hubby being the cameraman. I thought since dear hubby carry Billy, I have to do the cameraman job….haha. Since everything got messed up, dear hubby only managed to take a couple of picture of Billy in the van. When I get to the van, Billy was already strapped on his seat. Poor Billy looked confused, everything happened so fast. Dear hubby said he struggled a little bit while the teacher put him on the seat. But second later, he was smiling to everybody and look at us with empty look. Seems like he was all ready to go for the next new thing. Did not even bother to say goodbye to mommy and daddy who hardly let him go.

‘So you feel being single again, huh!’ that’s the first question my dear hubby asked me when we got inside the house. He had a good laughed when I told him my heart was at Billy’s school. So don’t ask me such question again….haha! While I was getting ready, dear hubby went to take a quick shower, very quick indeed. Soon later I heard him grumbling and when I asked what the matter is, he laughs his lung out. He forgot to wash his hair. So he jumped back into the shower. I was not the only one with the nervous feeling, caught him redhanded.(LOL) Less than 30 minutes, we were all ready to go to check on Billy in his school. But it was not even 9.00am and we still have 30 minutes before we can check on him. So more ‘worrying’ time for mommy….haha!

I was so eased when we got to the school and were told that Billy was doing really great. There are 8 kids including him and 3 teachers in his class. We watched him from the small ‘peek’ room that connected to their classroom. It was really nice watching him playing in the class. I wish can sit and watch him in the whole 2 hours, every day. Okay, pathetic me. But I really enjoyed watching him playing and socialized with other kids. We waited until their snack time. Billy refused to drink milk from the sippy cup. He drinks from a regular cup.

We felt much better as we left his school knowing he enjoying the whole two hours and him absolutely in good hands. We thought Billy probably missed us too as he gave dear hubby extra long hugs when he got home an hour later. Very sweet indeed. Yup, something for him to be proud of when we tell him the story someday..hihi.

I will post some pitures on the next post. :-)


Luthie said...

Wow...Billy already went to School? So earlyyy? But its a good exposure to him, so don´t worry, he will be alright, afterall 3 hours onlykan? But I understand your feelings, sayapun mcm nervous pula tinguk dia naik bas, kesiannnn..buat lah lesen kau so that u can drive him one day yourself kan, you´ll be satisfied!. See he refused sippy cup, mcm anak besar sudah pakai regular cup! Macho oh dia kan? LOL. I salute si Billy tida nangis pun...very good boy!. So single lah u? Can blog more lah? hehehe..bah its time to bikin yg ke2 hehehehehe....Well done Billy!.

Luthie said...

BTW, Billy masih pakai diaperskah? If he berak in school? The teacher help him? Just curious coz here they only take kids who is really "cleaned" no diapers.

Rose said...

Good on Billy. At least he didnt cry or scream! You and hubby must be proud of him, I am sure!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Luthie,
Yup, he go to school for just 3 hours a day. Hope he can learn to socialize with other kids. We were so happy he did really good on his 1st day. At first, I was unhappy with the idea of him going to school on the bus but hubby said we should give it a try. After seeing how they handled things, I am convinced that he will be fine in the bus. There are maybe 5 or 6 other kids in the bus and the teacher herself drive the bus. Another teacher help the kids to get on and out of their seat. Haha...yes, I am still working on my driving licence. Panas sudah my telinga, dear hubby mendesak... haha! Thanks Luthie!

Billy's Mom said...

Wow, begitu kah di sana Luthie. Yes, Billy is still wearing diapers. They change the kids diaper at least once or more if needed, I think. The teacher told me she had problem changing Billy's diaper because he would not want to lie down. It does not suprise me as I have the same problem too. It started after the recent doctor visit. Maybe he got traumatized as he had to hold him down throughout the whole process. :-( He is getting a little better now though.