Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flu Breakout in East Tennessee?

Yesterday we brought Billy to the Pediatrician for his second birthday checked up. Not really a good time to bring healthy kids to the clinic in East Tennessee right now. It has been several weeks, East Tennessee have this ‘flu’ breakout led to more than a dozen of schools to close. We do not know how serious these 'flu' are but it is in the local news almost every day since early this month.

People were also advised not to visit their sick family or friends and not going to the doctor either if they are sick with no fever to avoid the long line and the risks of getting sicker. That's what my hubby have told me. I have not really put much attention on the local news. Anyway, things started to kick in my head yesterday as we saw the big sign on the registration's window for people to expect long wait because of the double numbers of sick children. We vacillated but since we were there so just crossed our fingers that Billy don’t caught any of the nasty bugs from the clinic.

My hubby asked the doctor if the flu shot didn’t work as why lots of people would have gotten the virus. The doctor said my hubby was the fourth person asked him the very same question.(LOL) He doesn’t believe that was the case as there were no proved of it, at least in Oak Ridge. Most of the children he saw have something else or just a common cold. But just this evening, they announce that 15 schools would be close tomorrow(Friday)due to the flu breakout. Are they getting bad? Now I am getting nervous. Okay, enough with the ‘flu’.

I thought Billy started to get the connection between the doctor and nurses with pain. He started to cry when the nurse step into the room. We even had hard time getting him to sit or stand on the weight machine, let alone have him to lie down. Poor Billy was kicking and screaming all the way through the check up. Eventually we had everything done including drawn some blood sample and Hep B shot. Have to do what we have to do. Thank God the next appointment is a year away, yeaaah!


Rose said...

Please dont mention the word "vaccine" to me! My little gal's next vaccine is in 2 months time on her 2nd bday!

So far we have a pleasant visit, she only started to scream and cry when nurse hold her hand or leg for injection! Above all that, she enjoyed her visit, playing with toys and walking around! :)

suesue said...

Both my kids also got the fear going to see the padeatrician. But after a while they used to it cos the DR wil give them vitamin C and sticker. So now they dun have the fear anymore.

Dina said...

I heard the flu is worst this year because there's a new strain out there that wasn't in the flu vaccinne. I had the flu but I recovered quickly.

Lemizeraq said...

Seems like quite a trip you had to get the flu shot for Billy. Thanks for the back link for the Youtube video to my blog.

emanrais said...

Oh our loving Billy, keep spirited baby. Mom and dad wish you having an excellent health very much for a nice stay. But Gaby did some if she feel uncomfort with the doc station. Love and bighugs for our Billy darling.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Rose,
Billy used to be a good boy on every visit except when the shot was given. But the recent visit was really strange. I don't know why but he seems to know what he gonna get a shot when he saw the little bed in the room. Thats when he started to cry. I don't know what gonna happen on his next visit. :-(

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Suesue,
How nice your kids are pretty good with their doctor visit. :-)) Lucky you. I am crossing my finger he will be better on his next visit. They had given him stickers too but just doesn't work. :-(

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Dina,
Oh, I see. It is still bad in East Tennessee. Three school were close until Tues and one close throughout the week. They were close since last week bah. Glad you recovered quickly Dina. BTW, nice pic!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Lemizeraq,
Thank you for stopping by. Actually it was his 2nd birthday doctor visit. Hope he will be better on his 3rd birthday visit.
You are welcome. :-))

Billy's Mom said...

Thanks Aa. We are hoping that he will be tougher on his next visit. His next shot will be for flu shot on early Nov. Thank God it is still many-many more months ahead.
Thanks Aa.