Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snowing Day


I was in shocked when I woke up and looked outside the window yesterday. It was snowing outside. Look like it had been snowing for a while as the ground already covered with snow. Do not ask me how many inches of snow though as it barely covered the ground….haha.

It's snowing!

While it was still snowing hard, my hubby and I decided that Billy should just stay home. Yeah, Billy got his 1st school day off(LOL) after only two days in school. Dear hubby called Billy’s teacher on the phone to let them know our decision but she told hubby that they are abided to the Oak Ridge school's rules and none of school in Oak Ridge would be in session because of the bad weather.

Yeah, finally we had the opportunity to bring Billy out to play in the snow. This was his first time really walking on the snow. Last time we had pretty ‘good’ snow was while we were still in Knoxville and Billy was only about a year old then. His daddy brought him out for a while but that was it….no fun at all….hihi!

So before dear hubby went to work, we brought Billy out to play in the snow. Billy was having fun running around heedless of the cold weather. I am not sure if he really enjoyed the snow or just happy to be outside with mommy and daddy.

Brrrrr. I am freezing mom.

He was having fun walking in the snow.

Enjoying his morning walk in the snow.

At the backyard.


It's been snowing continuously but the snow melted away so fast. At least Billy had the opportunity to play in the snow before it all gone.

Spring lilies?

Last firewoods for the winter.


Jen's Place said...

Billy look so so so cute in his outdoor gear that I am tempted to hug him tight! He looks like a little baby bear in all those outfits! So adorable

Dina said...

nah ada juga ko dapat snow down there:)) No need to miss MO...hehehe

Luthie said...

Aiks I thought Spring is coming to your way skali tinguk got snow pulak hehe..happy lah si Billy kan, eventho not much but I guess enough to make Billy happy right? Take care.

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Jen. He is my cuddly baby bear.....haha! :-))

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Dina,
Yah bah, takajut juga kami. It was fun fun fun! But Dina, for some reasons, I still missed MO. Banyak gia kenangan tu di sana...haha! Have a wonderful Sunday Dina!

Billy's Mom said...

Haha Luthie....yup, finally we had a snow, right on the edge of winter. Nasib juga. I thought we gonna missed snow this winter...haha. Billy was having fun walking in the snow. Yah enough lah for him. Thanks Luthie!
Have a great Sunday,