Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sorry Mom!!

Just a month ago we talked about our resolutions and New Year's goals. How is it going so far? Okay, it is a little too early to ask such a question….hihi! It is only the second month of the year. We still have plenty of time to make an achievement.

Anyway, one of my year 2008 goals is to give my parents a call as soon as possible, is there calamities happens here in the US to avoid their unnecessary apprehensive. Actually, I have this in my goal's list continuously from three years ago after the devastated hurricane Katrina struck New Orlean almost 3 years ago.

As you have already know it was big news all over the world for months including in Malaysia. I know my parents watch world news every day but never thought they can be so anxious since they didn't heard from us. Silly me thought they know we live in the Midwest that took a couple of days driving to New Orlean, so absolutely nothing to worry about. I didn’t get the sense until my sister rang and told me how anxious my parents were and asked her to give me a call. My mom was pretty disappointed because I didn't even bother to let them know how we were doing. Yup, I got an earful from my mom for not calling sooner….haha! I kept telling them not to be anxious regarding whatever they heard or see happening in this side of the world in the news. Guess the parents are always be parents even though the children already have their own family. They never stop worrying about their children.

Many of you probably heard about the deadly tornadoes that hits southern United States recently. Some parts of Tennessee were hit really bad and many losses the life. (My heart goes to their families). I knew it was in the news pretty much all over the world or not. But when I called my parents a few days ago, they saw it on television news. My dad said he told my mom not to be worried and Tennessee is a big state just like Sabah…hihi!

Yup, I made my mom worried again. I have been negligent(again)and only managed to give them a call three days later. Oh well, I need to do a better job.


Luthie said...

So never fail to call your parents my friend hehe..I call mom sometimes 2x a week until there is nothing to talk about anymore but I am glad just to hear her voice especially if she is telling that everyhing is alright. Afterall its quite cheap to call to Malaysia. How much per minute from US?

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Luthie,
I give them a call at least once in 2 weeks and sometimes once a week. But US is a very big country and so unfortunate disasters like tornadoes, landslides, flood and wildfires happened all the time. I have never blame them but even landslide in Calif which is hundreds' miles from us made them anxious. Susah eh. But I will give them a call once a week now..hihi! It's really cheap to call from here esp with Skype. :-)) $0.021 per mins.

emanrais said...

For our parent their children were never getting old. Even we were 40's or 50's. A month before her passed in 1993, my mother still worrying me, her eldest son of 49 for no call in 2 days. Then sent my 5th brother looking at me in my office's service field. That all the way of our mother. Kasih ibu sepanjang masa, kasih anak sepanjang jalan. Grandma Enin, 58 look like that way too. So I let her spend a day in a week or so with our Gaby. Since abah simply make a call twice a week. But keep looking a chance for having short travel together arround.

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you dear Aa for sharing your warm story. You say it so beautifully. I got it. :-)) I will make it a habit to call them once or twice a week to say hi.

'Kasih ibu sepanjang masa, kasih anak sepanjang jalan.'

Thanks Aa.

Anonymous said...

I try to call my parents once a week. I do the talking most of the time since cometimes they can't think of anything new to tell me. I had to explain to them a couple times that US is a very vast country. I think now they get it. When tsunami hit or earthquake happened, and some of our friends here in St. Louis would be concerned. I tell them, my parents live far from the calamity. Not too far though...

- Dina STL

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Dina. I know can do better..haha...that's why I put it as my goal each year until it became a habit. I am working hard on it. Thanks Dina!