Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Creating Happier Morning.

Got this from Billy’s school press today. Love the tips and thought should share it here so other mom/parents can use the ideas too. I am going to incorporate it as my new habit started tomorrow. Wish me luck!

‘Rise & Shine’ Ideas To Get You and Your Children off to A Brighter Start.'

1. Create a hot breakfast meal together. Have your children help you make oatmeal, pancakes, or your family’s favorite breakfast together.

2. Tell a story to your child as you are getting them dressed. If you don’t know any, make one up! Create an ongoing story about a dinosaur or a friendly caterpillar. Be creative and have fun! The story line is only limited by your imagination!

3. Institute a ‘calm voices’ rule for the mornings. Define when the morning period ends- perhaps when breakfast is over, beds are made, or whatever works for your family. Model this for your children and they will follow.

4. Prepare for the day the night before. Nothing upsets the morning routine like being unprepared and being late! Take a little time the night before and lay out the clothes, etc…..to aid in the morning routine.


Luthie said...

Thanks for sharing this tips Hilda, I am one of the moms who should read this because I am always moody in the morning when come preparing Kenneth to kindergarden..marah marah saja..kekeke..thanks for the tips now I will try lah to be a better mom.

Rose said...

Hi Hilda, thanks for the nice tips!!!

shirley said...

Thanx for sharing tips.. i got story abt ur reunion.....http://www.beautiza.com/2008/05/14/guess-who-i-met-online/

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilda ..this is very good tips because Im practising the story telling in the morning or in the evening when I give them bath and they turned to be very imaginative too ..kan sambung my story lah :-)

Billy's Mom said...

Saya pun sama juga Luthie. Selalu mau cepat-cepat saja, indada lagi masa mau cerita-cerita begitu, kekadang terpaksa lagi mau kejar Billy bila mau kasih get ready to go to school. Apalagi tinggi lah tone kawan...haha!

Billy's Mom said...

Thanks Rose! How is Little J doing?
Have a great weekend kawan!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Shirl! Thanks for sharing our reunion story. It's amazing kan.

Billy's Mom said...

Good for you, Cay :D Yes, indeed.
It's a good start to get them to be more creative and imaginative.

Billy's Mom said...
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