Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Thursday!

We have nice weather this morning. But it will change soon as we are expecting a big storm throughout the Midwest today…eeekk. Typical weather in the spring. Glad the storm won't be here until late afternoon today after Billy get home from school. This morning before he left for work dear hubby told me to watch for the storm. I was surprised he forgot to remind me of the ‘when tornadoes hit’ safety guides as he always did. You know, don’t go near any windows, don’t go take pics as it come, run into the bathroom and all that stuff….haha! Okay, sorry, it is a serious matter but I have listened to the same stuff every year and have it stuck in my head already. Love you dear!

Jason Castro, the charming guy got voted out last night. Hmmm, I am not really frustrated with the result as he did not performed well enough this week, forgot the lyric while the other three contestants did a great job?….hehe…poor thing. I like him very much, esp when he sang 'Hallelujah' and 'Over The Rainbow'. It brought tears to my eyes, yeah yeah, I am a touchy one....haha. Syesha is getting better and better each week. I think she performed just like a star in the last couple of weeks especially on the ‘Broadway Week’. But she will probably be the next to go as the two David’s are just so good. For my very personal opinion, Cook is already a star and he should be the next AI. But I bet Archuletta will be the winner. He is very likable, humble and of course his innocent smile. to ignore lah....haha! The final week is only two weeks away….yeah!

Last week dear hubby bought me Daughtry CD. He knows how much I like this bald guy. …hihi. I have been his big fan since he was in the AI three years ago. Love all the songs esp ‘What About it Now’ and ‘It’s Not Over’. It’s the kind of CD’s I would put in my player, put on the play continuously mood, hit the play button and leave it playing for the whole day…..haha! And I did!


MamaTatana said...

Ohhh si Daughtry, you also minat him pula. My friend in Switzerland pun gila abis sama this bald guy. My friend is lucky already went to see his live concert twice. Sempat lagi bagambar this Daughtry and nagapus lagi tu haha..untung dia.

Berjaga-jaga kamu with the Storm, I do really hope that your place will be spared!.

Update ah.

Billy's Mom said...

Yeahhh! I like him but not that crazylah....hihi! I watched AI for 3 years now including Daughtry season but I never really vote. And Daughtry was the 1st CD from the AI yang saya beli. Maybe would buy one of Archuletta lah nanti..hihi!

Wah so luckylah your friend. Ambil pic sama lagi, punyalah gumbiranya dia. Maybe kalau dia buat konsert dekat sini mau jg saya pigi tu.

Thanks Luthie. We have storm sampai ni hari. Not that bad sini kami. But banyak states juga termasuk TN yang kena teruk but tidak jugalah seteruk yang baru2 tu. Thanks again Luthie!

Agnes C said...

stormy weather, tornadoes, sound scary..jaga jaga lah. we are having strong wind and follow by heavy rain almost every afternoon here in KK, luckily it doesn't last long otherwise berbanjir lah if no rain the weather is really panas bikin sakit kepala.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Agnes,
Thanks for stopping by. Yah, musim sudah ribut, tornadoes semua tu sekarang. Kami sini O.R not that bad lah. No history of tornadoes but kekadang ada juga angin kuatlah.
Musim hujan juga di sana kan. Macam hujan saja setiap kali saya call home.
Thanks Agnes! You have a great weekend!