Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

It's only 5 days before Mother’s Day. I would like to wish Happy Mother's Day to
all mothers, wherever you are and to my beloved mom, Happy Mother's Day, I love you so much!


M is for the miracle of Being.
O is for its origin in love.
T is for the tenderness of seeing.
H is for a home no wind can move.
E is for the ecstasy of living.
R is for the recklessness of giving.

Mom lived her life for love of friends and family

Mom lived her life for love of friends and family,
Neither asking for nor wanting a return.
Her days became a sunlit homily,With others'
joy her joy and main concern.When we were ill,
she also became sick;
When we were cut, she, too, began to bleed.

Of our oil lamp she was the wick,
Drawing her bright flame from our need.
Some say that such behavior's out of date:
That self-fulfillment is the way to grace.
But Mom, without much choice, then chose her fate,
Finding greater truth in an embrace.
She lives on in the sparkle in our eyes:
Laughing, quiet, gentle, loving, wise.

Copyright by
Nicholas Gordon


Jen's Place said...

Happy Mother's day to u too!!

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Jen! :D

coolingstar9 said...

Billy's mom,
Happy mother's day to you.
From your blogging friend coolingstar9, I am very happy that I have added you on my blogroll.
See you again, take good care.

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you very much Coolingstar9! And thanks for the added too. You have a great weekend, friend! I will blog hop to your place soon. :-) Take care.