Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trip To Chicago.

Hi all! How were your weekend looks like? Ours was okay. Billy went back to school this morning, after been absence for the whole week last week. You should see the big smile on his face when his red school bus come to pick him up this morning. He did not even bother to wave good-bye to mommy.


Okay, a little story about our trip. We left on Sunday at about 10.00am, drove through Kentucky and stop overnight in Lafayette, Indiana. It was pretty late in the afternoon when we arrived in Lafayette. Dear hubby as usual, decided to drive on a state highway, adding about 100 miles more to our trip. With the gas price close to $4 per gallon nowadays, nah tambah koyaklah pocket kawan…hihi!

Arriving in downtown Chicago. The tall building with the two antenna is the Sears Tower.

We arrived in Chicago at about 2.00pm on Monday. After a short rest at the hotel we went to Sears Tower which is only about five blocks from our hotel. It’s so nice to finally set our foot inside the Sears Tower building as all this time we only look at it from afar or from the plane when we fly to or from the O'Hare airport.

Billy & mummy just outside Sears Tower.

Sears Tower

The next day, we went to Museum of Science And Industry. Dear hubby told me that this is one of the must visits museum ……hihi! He visited the museum twice when he was only 12 and 15 years old on a school field trips. He said it was much more exciting then. Haiyaaah! So long time ago already lah(LOL). I am not a very big fan of science and energy stuff but to my dear hubby everything in this area was very exciting to him. I guess that’s why he is in that field and I am not……haha!

One of Billy Favorite area.

Hi ! It's me.

Billy listening to energy audio.

Anyway, I guess we picked the wrong time to visit the museum as many interesting areas was close for maintenance. Oh well, we will probably be back for another visit when Billy is big enough to understand some of the thing there.

Inside the Idea Factory.


We left Chicago around noon on Wednesday, drove on the highway along Lake Michigan to Michigan City. Unfortunately, we cannot see the lake from the road. The rest of the trip was pretty nice. We stop for dinner and overnight at Kokomo, Indiana. The next day we drove to Indianapolis, had lunch in one of the busy food court there before heading back to TN.


Dora Erb said...

Wow... seems like you guys had a great trip to Chicago especially cute little Billy. I enjoyed the pictures too :)

Luthie said...

Sioknya kamu pigi jalan jalan...looks like you kau sudah explore a few nice places there..looks very moden kan? Over here mimpi lah dapat tinguk tall building..macam sia rasa hidup di zaman batu haha..abis biasa sudah di LBU, KK and KL banyak bangunan tinggi.

Billy's Mom said...

Thanks Dora. Yeah, we had a great trip. Billy was such a great passenger. :D

Billy's Mom said...

Ada jugalah Luthie. Tapi saya suka juga tengok bangunan lama. :-) Hmmmm, yah banyaklah juga bangunan moden. Petronas Twin Tower jauh lebih glamour dr Sears Tower.(biasa saja) But it was built so long time ago lah. Thanks Luthie!