Thursday, January 31, 2008

Billy - 23 Months 2 Weeks Today


Can I have privacy, mommy?

The bike is just too big for tiny Bill.

Snack time

Swing time!


Luthie said...

Happy Birthday handsome boy, what did mommy and dad give you? Hope you have a good time on your birthday, maybe mommy will shower you with lots of prezziesss!. Be a good boy kay and stay cute!.

Auntie Luthie

Billy's Mom said...

Thank Auntie Luthie! My birthday is still 2 weeks away. :-)) Maybe this weekend mommy & dada will go buy him something. Thanks Luthie. Talk to you soon.

Rose said...

Billy is growing fast! and he is going to be handsome man......

Luthie said...

Oppss sorry I wish him way to early hahaha..cept juga sia mau kasih si Billy tua ni haha...bah I ulang lagi my wishes nanti on the actual birthday LOL..sowiiiiiii.