Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Looking Forward For Summer

We still have two more months before it is officially summer time. Sound like I am so looking forward to the summer time to come, huh! Not really, I am not very excited about summer time, as it is just a little too warm for me. The truth is I was used to the hot and humid weather but not the hot and dry air in the summer….hihi. It is just crazy hot in the summer.

I just want spring season to be over soon. So tired of sneezing all day long and of course runny nose and watery eyes in its package. Whatever is it in the air here in TN, it is not compatible with Billy and me. I have not had this problem while we were living in Missouri. Trees and plants in these two states are pretty much the same but why is it I gets hay allergy here but not at MO are still a mystery for me.

So unfortunate for poor Billy as he also has the pollen allergy. Thank God it is just seasonal because having cold-like symptoms for about three months is not fun at all. Glad it isn’t caused by a virus but by an allergic response to specific substances in the environment you are in. I am hoping that dear hubby would get a job somewhere else like MO where Billy and I won’t have to suffer from hay fever anymore. It is something we are not looking forward to every year. But for now, we gonna have to wait with patient until this spring season is over.


coolingstar9 said...

Yes, hot weather is really heaty, We have to find some cool places.
Here South East Asia, most of the time hot or rain but we get used to it.
Have a nice day , hope summer coming soon for you.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Coolingstar9,
I love spring season, it's not too warm or cold, if only my son and I don't have to suffer from hay allergy. Summer is so hot. I would prefer hot and humid weather in SEA than summer here in the US.
Thanks Coolingstar. You have a great weekend.

Mama Tatana said...

Sorry to hear you and Billy have allergy. I also cannot wait for the Spring to be over, looking forward to enjoy Hot Summer. Its not that we have allergy but it seems like our Spring this year is quite cold..macam Winter juga!. I hate it. Hopefully Summer will come soon. I miss sunshine.

Faisal Admar said...

Your son Billy is so cute. Can't take my eyes off him. Lucky you.

Yes, I'd say summer sun kills me. Its not like Asia which you have hot and humid. In Asia you sweat when its hot, but hardly in Europe or The States.

Honestly, I prefer spring. =)

Billy's Mom said...

Thanks Luthie! Sengsara kami. I can stand the sneezing and runny nose but not the itchy eyes. So end up taking med almost daily. I just cannot wait for spring to be over. Summer is only about two months away, Luthie!
Have a great weekend!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Faisal,
Thank you for your compliment.
Haha....I am with you. I cannot stand the summer heat either. We end up have our air conditioner running continuously for months. Yes, you are right. It's feel good when you sweating. :D
Have a wonderful weekend!

Dina said...

What Hilda? Come again? I am not looking forward to July and August, August especially being the warmest, hottest month of the year. So hot that it could kill the elderly! I like spring, but I don't like the allergy! St. Louis has so many allergens! My eyes are swollen since they itch and I rubbed them too much..I took alavert and claritin, so my nose not runny at this moment.., I put antihistamin eyedrop in my eyes, Zaditor,I guess I don't mind the allergy so much as long as I can get moderate temperature!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Dina,
I am not a big fan of summer either but I am tired of itchy eyes. My eyes swelled for days already. Billy has the same problem. He woke up at wee hour today, scratching his eyes and only went back to bed after we gave him med. At least in the summer we can stay inside the house. Yeah, so sorry there are some unfortunate people out there without the air conditioner. :-(
Oh, you have the allergy too? I guess was so lucky did not get the hay allergy while we were living in MO. Thanks for the meds details...hihi! I am going to buy the eye drop today. Hopefully it works for me. Inda bulih tahan oredi.
Thanks Dina!

James Austin said...

Things don't get to hot or humid here in Seattle, but stay very nice. It is a great break after a bleak Winter of rain.

Rose said...

Hope summer is a good time for Billy! :)

Sue said...

Ya it's common to have hay fever and pollen allergy here as well..

Amidrin said...

Oh dear! It must be pretty hard to cope with having hay fever for 3 months particularly during the summer where most people says it's the best time of the year for holidaying ya.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi James,
Sound like you guys are so lucky. I have never been to Seattle. I would love to go there someday. :D

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Rose,
Thank you. It's really hot in the summer but at least no more spring allergy. :D

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Sue,
Yes, I heard some friends in Germany complaint about the hay allergy too. :(

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Amidrin,
Thank you for stopping by. My son and I got the hay allergy only in the spring. Yeah, 3 months is quite a long time to suffer from alergy. Sengsara oh.