Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sorry For MIA

Sorry I have been missing so much lately. After came back from the trip, I had to work on a little project and it took me several days to get it done. Ahem…What project was it, nothing big so I will just keep it in my closet….hehe.

Last Monday dear hubby went to New Orleans on a business trip and only returned home last night. Since he brought my laptop with, I had to use his computer. I had all the pics I wanted in flash drive for my posting and guess what? For some reason, I have problems to open IE and it goes on for two days. The only program I could open was Skype and YM. Gheeesh, that's really annoyed. I cannot even check my email.

Hah! Good thing dear hubby only went for three days trip otherwise, I would make his computer commit suicide. He said could make it work through his lab ‘lock in’ but he had the key his briefcase and it was with him.

So happy I got my laptop back and dear hubby got his computer working again. He did just that, lock in to his lab's puter and got it work from there. We need new computer!

BTW, any of you watch American Idol? This week, Jason Castro, the charming guy, sang 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' and he did a great job. It's my all time favorite song. Suprisingly, Kathy Lee Cook is getting better every week. Who will leave the show tonight? Maybe nobody will leave this week as its Idol Give Back Week. We will see.


Nessa said...

Hi Billy's mom! :)

Wah, so hensem your prince. Like patung pun ada :)

Nice to meet a fellow Sabahan in the Blogosphere. Sabahan bah kan? Sori ah kalau silap :)

I actually liked that song 'Anyway' song by Kristy that night, one of my fav. song but I so badly want her to leave the show... knapa la dia byk fans??

Castro was cute with his tiny guitar, he's more into folk songs which suits him and Archuleta's great with Ballads. I hope next week won't produce another jolting result.

Happy weekend to you! :)

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Nessa,
Thank you for stopping by and for the compliment. Yup, I am Sabahan. Luth is my jiran bah di kampung, just a stone's throw away from each other.

Yabah, banyak pula undi dia last week. Mungkin kena boosted dari last two weeks yang dia nyanyi patriotik song tu. And of course she is pretty and sexy. Tapi Micheal John is way better than her kan. I think he gonna be pretty big macam juga Daughtry.

Yup, since MJ was gone, I would love to see Archuletta, Castro, Cook or Brook to be in the top 3.

Have a great week Nessa.