Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wicked Allergy(Again?)

It’s Tuesday! We have a beautiful chilly morning today. After one week in shorts to school, today Billy is wearing jacket again. :-(

I am so happy he slept very well last night after many-many sleepless nights lately. He woke up mostly at about 2.00am crying and scratching his eyes and only went back to bed after we gave him some med. Last night we gave him allergy med before he went to bed and look like it worked well. At least he can get a good sleep through the night. We may have to do it every night until summer, unfortunately.

As for me, seem like I got pretty bad allergy this spring. Last year one med in the morning will do for the entire day. But this year, I have to take allergy med twice a day. I put eye drops three or four times a day and still have red and fluffy eyes when I woke up in the morning. This morning dear hubby made a suggestion that I would never want to think of. At least not for now. He suggested that I see a doctor and get a stronger prescription med or even get a shot for allergy. NO!!! That would be my very last option. Glad that I have an appointment with optometrist to get new prescription glasses this Friday. So I would get eyes check in just a couple of days...yeah! At least I would know if by any chance I got eyes' infection. Sorry guys, look like I was just complaining about my allergy this entire week….hihi!

Anyway, I am sure you guys have heard or read about the sad, horror story about the guy(disgusting monster I would call him) in Austria, who kept his daughter and children he fathered in the cellar for 24 years. It’s a very disturbing story. I could never imagine the life she and her children went through for 24 years in that cellar. No punishment for the old monster could bring back the life he took from her daughter and her children. Hopes he will live longer to see the devastated he has done to his own family and grandchildren. Nature will take care of the rest.


Jen's Place said...

Hi Billy's mom,
Yar, really disturbing what things some people can do. To their own flesh and blood some more....
susah & sedih lar...
dunia dah terbalik!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Jen,
Really sad kan. Can't even compare to animal. :-(

Dina said...

I got swollen watering eyes...my fault, I shouldn't be wearing my contact lenses during this allergy season, but I did yesterday..nah swollen terus!