Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We Are Back!

We are back in the Oak Ridge. So happy everything is back to normal again. Now I got my laptop back all for myself so more time to update my blog…..hihi! Thank you for all the comments and kindly wishes you left in my blog while I was away.

Our trip was okay. Billy was not at his best the whole week because of his teething. But he is getting better, good rest and school help a lot. San Francisco was not as what I was expected, unfortunately. It’s really surprising to see a large number of beggars in S.F downtown. Other than that, S.F is a really interesting city. I love the cable car, really cool.

We stayed at the Marriott Hotel in downtown San Francisco on the whole trip. I like the room, pretty big room with a nice view of the downtown. The room had a mini bar and a refreshment center. As expected the price was like 4 times the regular price in the store and once you move the snacks the machine will automatically bill the price to your account. Cool, huh! To add to the crazy price is additional 20% for the restocking fee. Restocking fee? Ain’t that pathetic?

The refreshment center.

The Mini Bar.

For a couple of times while relaxing after a long day, I was tempted to just close my eyes and grab the M&m from the tray....haha! Hey, for 7 days pretending not to see that yummy stuff in front of your eyes was insane. But eventually until day seven of our stays, the tray was still full except for the one empty spot.….hehe!

On the first day in S.F we were able to browse around in Chinatown. I thought the Chinatown in S.F is the largest in the USA. I might be wrong.

The Gate To Chinatown.


Luthie said...

Bah nice to see you´re back to the blog world Hilda, unfortunately I cannot view the photos...all in RED X...why is that ar?

Nice to read your trip too...mogot podi sudah injak SF hehe...

Bah jalan2 sana tempat sia bila ko sanang ah.

Take Care

Dina said...

Hilda, welcome back! Been checking you everyday just to make sure you're back OK! Iya, the pics are all in red X. Maybe Bloggers sometimes doesn't work properly.
So, are you telling me SF is not the romantic beautiful city as they portray in the movies? Awww...:(

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Luthie!
You are right! It's really nice to be home again. I'll still be very busy in this couple of days but would take time to do blog hop in between. :-))

Oh, so sorry about the RED X pics. I can view in just fine. Hmmmm, will try to repost it soon. Thanks Luthie!

Billy's Mom said...

Thank you Dina. I will try to repost the pics soon. It wasn't that bad but the large number of B was really suprising.
The city is beautiful, hilly but romantic, I would say, nay. Just my very personal opinion. :-))

Anonymous said...

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James Austin said...

M&Ms staring at you for days . . . you have nerves of steel!!

You should visit Seattle - yes, a large number of panhandlers here too but a fabulous city. Our boys could play together!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi James,
Thank you for stopping by.

Oh....wow! Yeah, I heard Seattle is a nice city. I would love to visit Seattle someday.

Oh yeah, Billy would love to play with Luke The Charmer! :-))
Thanks James!