Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trapped in an Elevator...With Diarrhea

This is exactly why it is illegal in the United States to install an elevator within 2 square miles of a Benihana. Poor guy! What a pity!

*Watch The Video!

You may want to check this one too. :D

*Trapped In An Elevator

*Fox News


Dina said...

Hilda, buruk juga tu,..hehhehe, he could have pressed the emergency button. NObody stays in the elevator that long. Fake ja bah tu, kan?

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Dina,
It's really happened almost 10 years ago in NYC. But I think they made up the diarrhea thingy lah....hihi! I heard about this story in FOX News last week also.

Have a great weekend Dina.