Friday, January 11, 2008

Acupuncture? Love it!

Yeah, I am in the mood for those fine needles again. Now I am looking around for acupuncturist here in town and am hoping to start my treatments sometimes soon. No, I am not sick or in need of any particular treatment, if you are wondering..... haha! I just want to get acupuncture to help reduce stress and to relax. Does it really work? Base on my personal experiences a few years ago, yes, it does work for me.

I know lots of people will say 'No way' they will let all that needles being stuck to their body while the lay in bed consciously. Cannot blame them for saying that, I hate needle too, still am but I just love acupuncture. First time I went for acupuncture was when we were trying to conceive our first baby a few years ago. That's how I had the strength to overcome the "scared" of the needles on my very first visit. Trust me, it's not bad at all!

The cost of acupuncture here in the US are between $40-75 for one visit depend on what treatment you are seeking. Yeah, it is pretty costly and insurance does not cover it. :-( Hopefully someday it will change.


Rose said...

I never been to one, so dont know how it feels! But pretty scary thinking of those needles (not only one needle, mind you?) on your body or head!

Billy's Mom said...

Haha Rose, you should try it at least once and I bet you will love it. I know it looks nasty but it's really feel great! If only it's does not cost too much, I will go for it twice a week regularly. Just close your eyes when the acupuncturist start to stick the needle on your body....hihi!

Rose said...

You talk like it is a massage!! hahahaha! Er, thanks! I dont think I have the courage to go to one! Hehehe!