Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Time Deal? Yeah Right!

My hubby and I decided it is time for us to get our second car. We have been thinking about it for many months but only managed to begin our car hunting last Saturday. To make it a little easier for us or harder (LOL!), hubby insisted on looking only on one particular car model, Chevy Impala. So there we went, looking for pre-owned, almost new Chevy Impala with low mileage at the best price we can find.

The first car dealer we went to, they only have a couple of Chevy Impala but it was a little too old than we want. The second car dealer has four 2007 Chevy Impala which price tags were $16,999. We interested in one of the cars but since it was only the second car lots we went to, we decided to shop a little more. When we were about to get into our car, the salesperson who attended us excused himself to get his business card from his office but instead he came out with another guy, probably his boss. I must say the guy was very good in his job. He came right to us and asked the price we would like to pay for that car. Without even waiting for our answers he asked the other guy to bring the car and insisted for us to go test driving it. So we did, drove around for about an hour....hihi!

Then came to the hard part, the negotiation. He gave us some discount and bring the price to $14,999. My hubby was pretty convinced it was a very good deal but I had a different feeling, I think we were not being fair to ourselves if we take the very 1st offer we get. Well, there are three other car lots here in town we have not checked....hihi! When we told them that we need a little more time they made us another offer, which they called 'ONE TIME DEAL.' They gave us another $500 discount which brings the price to $14,499. My hubby said it was a great deal and we should just take it. I do agree with him but still think we should at least take a couple day to think about it and do not make them push us around. I am so happy we did not take the offer.

The next morning we bought the Sunday paper which we seldom did. And guess what? We saw them advertise the very same car we took for test driving the day before in the Sunday paper. Hah! The price was $12,988. So at the time we went in to their car lot the car price is already at $12,988 but they try to sell it to us with their 'this hour only deals' of $14,499......ghesh!!!

Glad we did not rush or take that so called one time deal or this hour only deals they offered us. That's a big ripped off! I know it is their job and they were trying to do their best but to rip off a poor fellow like us is also not cool.
Anyway, the car hunting is still on.....haha!


oxidejo said...

I have heard many car dealers in the States try to rip people off. Your story definitely exemplifies it. I am worried how I am gonna have to secure a car when I arrive in the Secret city next month.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Oxidejo,
Thank you for stopping by. :-)
we have been to a couple more car dealers in town and they were not that bad, not being pushy or anything like that one dealer. I guess, you just need to shop around.
So you are coming to Oak Ridge next month? Welcome to the Secret City. Are you going to work at ORNL? My hubby is working at ORNL too. Oak Ridge is a great city, you gonna like it here. :-))
Drop me a line when you reach here, okay.
Take care.

oxidejo said...

Yes, indeed I am going to work at ORNL, but it is only for 6 months. Based on what I hear, I also think I am going to like the city. Hope you have a great day and take care.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Oxidejo,
Oh I see. Do you have any friends here in O.R or in ORNL? Yes, O.R indeed is a nice city. Drop us a line if you need any help.
Take care!