Monday, January 14, 2008

Billy Will Be 2 Years Old Next Month.

My beloved son is 23 months old today. So he will turn 2 years old in a month. He is growing fast. :-)) It's only like yesterday when we took him home from the hospital. I remember been so touchy when my hubby welcomes him home for the first time.....hihi.I felt it was very sentimental. Yeah, it was almost 2 years ago.

Anyway, like his 1st birthday there will be no big birthday celebration for him. We will definitely buy him a birthday cake, maybe just a small ice cream cake. Yup just a small one for the three of us or four of us if our friend, Dr.Padma could come and join us. Maybe next birthday we would have a party and invite more friends to come. We will see.

Noticed the hair on the floor? I trims his hair this morning. :-))

So far we still not decide what to get him for his birthday. He has lots of toys already. We will probably get him a few more toys. Other than that, we are going to get his studio picture taken. I am so excited to get this done as it will be his first studio picture. He is pretty good with posing in front of the camera.

Well, four more weeks to go!


Jen's Place said...

Billy's mom
Wow! 2 y.o! Soon 3 and he will be going to Kindy? (ermm...or is it playschool there?)
Dont forget to post some of the studio taken pic when it is ready ^_^

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Jen!
Yup, he will be 2 very soon. How times flies. At 3 he will go to nusery school. :-) Sure, I will share some of his studio pics when we get it done. Thanks for stopping by Jen.

Rose said...

He is going to be a handsome boy!!! Hahahah! Mine is going to be 2 in about 3 months time. Havent decide what to do, maybe like you, just buy a small cake and celebrate with her! Nothing grand unlike her 1st birthday last year where her grandparents flew all the way from Kapit to celebrate and invite around 50 people in a Chinese restaurant. Chinese always believe in celebrating the 1st grandchild's birthday in a grander way

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Rose,
Thanks for the complements. Wow! That was a grand birthday, lucky girl. Billy's 1st birthday was so simple, just the three of us. I hope someday we could celebrate his birthday with his grandma/grandpa and relatives back home for a change. :-))