Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two ice-related deaths; Knox on 2-hour delay

My hubby e-mailed me from work this morning, telling me he saw a truck involved in a very bad accident just ahead of the gate to the lab(ORNL). He said it looks really bad as the truck got 'T boned'. Later he was told that someone from the lab was involved in that accident and lost his life. So sad. Our heart goes to the family. May God bless his soul.

We had a nasty weather since Monday evening but never thought it was really bad until we watched the news this afternoon. :-(

Icy road caused hundreds of other wrecks around the area, including more than 350 smashups in Knoxville and Knox County alone. Knoxville police worked 232 wrecks from 6:30-10 a.m. when the black ice was at its worst.

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Rose said...

Gosh! Really sad! The weather and road condition must be really bad. You take care too!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Rose,
Yeah, so sad. It's still very cold and gloomy today. Hopefully no rain as they predict eh. Otherwise we gonna have an icy road again.

Rose said...

Billy's mom! How is the weather lately? Everything back to normal?

Btw, you have been tagged by me, check it out!! Happy tagging, friend! :)