Sunday, January 27, 2008

Five Things/People I Love and Hate

Rose World has been tagged me on "Five things/People I Love and Hate". Thank you, Rose. I better do this one right away....hihi!

Okay, here you go ;

Five Things/People I Love;

1. My Family

2. The Almighty ( Who loves me unconditionally )

3. My Laptop

4. Friends that always stand by me.

5. Good Food

Five Things/People I Hate

1. Rude and thoughtless people especially towards elderly and women.

2. People who like to take advantages on others.

3. Frogs ( Yikes! ).

4. People who smoke in front of me.

5. Traffic jam.

Now I am passing the tag to my dear friend, Luth-Schwandorfer.

1 comment:

Luthie said...

How to play this thingy Hilday? LOL..sorry new kid on the block baini, still didn´t have any idea..copy and paste to my blog kah?