Friday, January 11, 2008

Free $5 Similac Check

I have $5 Similac check to give away for free. It's good toward any Infants Formula from Similac and good until 04.08.08. All you need to do is send me your self-address stamped envelope and I will send you the check.
If you are interested please email me so I can give you the address. Thank you!

Okay, look as if I am running an ad here.....hihi! Normally I used Craiglist for this but this time I decided to just put it here.

I received another $5 similac check a couple of weeks ago. This was the fourth time I received such checks from Similac. Thank you, Similac. How I wish they have sent me the checks a year ago before Billy switched to the whole milk. A baby formula is pretty expensive nowadays. We could definitely use some break. Oh well, I assumed it's just not meant to be ours. If you are interested please email me. FCFS!! Thanks.


Reena and Rohit said...

Do you still have the coupon?

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Reena,
I am sorry, it's already taken.

Thank you.