Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yahtzee Game

Do you like to play any game like Scrabble or Monopoly or Chess, just to mention a few? Have you try Yathzee game? Hubby said it’s a highly popular dice game and we should try it. I never play or see the game before. But one thing for sure is it's really a fun game. The unique combination of luck and strategy makes every game really exciting. I wish had played it a year ago when hubby bought it as one of my Christmas present. Yes, we had it sitting untouched on the upper shelf in the closet for a year . ... gezzz!

It's only on the New Year's evening, hubby suddenly in the mood of playing game. Monopoly is the only game we play quite frequently and it takes hours to be over. So he insisted we play Yathzee and not so long I really got hook to it. Hubby was right I would love that game. :-) I had a very good luck racked up bonus points by scoring extra Yathzee a couple times. :-)

If you would like to give it a try you can download the computer version for free. The rules are easy. Give it a try. I bet you would love it. I do!! It is also a great game for family. :-)


Rose said...

Never play this game before! I do love monopoly, scrabble and others puzzle games!!!

Looks like you enjoying the game with your family, it is great!!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Janice's mummy,
Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it's really a fun game. First time I saw that game; I thought it must be boring because it only has 5 dice and a cup with 2 pads of papers. But after play it once, I found it really enjoyable. Now we play it frequently after dinner. :-)

Dina said...

I first learned Yahtzee in the form of a DOS game. I really enjoyed the game. I have a game of Yahtzee I bought from a bookstore but we only played once. We play Domino's double train now and then during a family gatehring.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Dina, thank you for visiting my blog. :-) Doug bought the game a year ago and we only start to play it recently. Glad we have tried it since I found it's very enjoyable. Now Yathzee is becoming our favorite after the dinner game. I never play Domino but I am considering it....haha! Thanks Dina!