Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Depressing Halloween?

Scary huh!

I'll help you remove the seeds dadda! LOL

It was our 1st halloween here in Oak Ridge last night. What a little depressing halloween it was. We had only 2 'tricker treat' show up. What??? Two???? Yep, you read it right. Two and only 2 teen girls show up. Ain't that pretty depressing? The worst thing was we bought two big bag of candies for the tricker treat, a little extra than we used to. Blame it on me....haha.....I was the one who suggested to get two bags of candy. I had my own reasons. Being the one who hand out the goodies to the tricker treat every year, run out of candy or give away one or two piece of candy each would be so sad. I know the children won't complaint,well, at least not in front of you but the look on the face show like huh? I had the experienced once while we were living in Columbia,MO. It was Halloween 2004, we had lots of candies but there was also lots of tricker treats came knocked on our door. My hubby keep telling me not to give so many candy at once as I used to put between 6-10 pieces candy to each bucket. That's what the lucky one get but the late tricker treat just get like 2 piece of candy. Wasn't that pretty sad, gheeeez!!

What a halloween! At least my hubby made a scary Jack O' Lent this year.....hihi! My hubby plan to bring our son for tricker treat next year. Woulds be so much fun. The only thing is what we gonna do with the candies he gonna get for mommy won't let him eat them. Look like the parents are the one who gonna be having so much fun, huh!

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pam knight-baker said...

We only had 12 trick or treaters. More than 2, but not by much. I went out that day and spent $20 that I really didn't have on candy cause we usually have quite a few. Now we have candy left over. I'll save it for the grandkids. I would eat it myself but, I don't like most of what I bought. Oh well!