Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Trip (2)

After the quick morning shopping with Steve, we drove to hubby’s hometown. The town looks a little different from the last time we went there three years ago. They have new hotels and pretty soon they gonna have a big casino in Clinton’s west side. The casino’s construction is already in progress. We definitely will check it out when we come back to visit next time, hooray!!! Anyway, we managed to see hubby’s eldest sister, Cindy and her lovely daughter, Elizabeth. It was really nice to see you guys.

Can I play with it?

I am ready to go, mom.


Done with our routine 'old neighborhoods tour', we went to Eagle Point Park, another must go place whenever we are in town. It's situated on top of a high bluff (much as its counterpart in Dubuque). I love this beautiful park. Overlooking the Mississippi River and General Zebulon Pike Lock and Dam, the views are spectacular. Pics tell it all.


Spectacular view

Saturday night, we went out for dinner with Pam and Steve. This time we went to Mexican restaurant for a change. Personally, I think it was the best Mexican restaurant I have been so far. The food was great and the price is really reasonable too. I would rate it 9 out of 10. And they have live Mexican band too. I am not sure if they play every night or just on the weekend. But they surely are so entertaining. Oh yeah, the restaurant name is Azteca. :-)

Do we have to go out again?

Bill and Georgia.

As I wrote in my post earlier, our trip back to Oak Ridge was pretty harsh. We drove mostly in the rain and snow and some sleet too. I mean all the way from Rock Island to Indiana. We stay overnight in Greenwood, Indiana and continued our journey home the next day. And yes, it was still raining until we reached Oak Ridge. Anyway, other than the ‘not so nice’ weather, the trip was great. We had a wonderful time. Steve and Pam, thank you for your hospitality.

Pretty nasty, huh!


Deana E said...

Hi..still on holiday? i am all in a holiday mood here

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Deana, we are still in holiday mood. :-)