Thursday, November 1, 2007

Toys and Lead Paint

This morning I got the new toy I ordered online two days ago. It is a pretty nice big transformable carrier truck with 3 little cars in red, yellow and green color. As I unpacked it, suddenly the word 'lead' came into my mind. There are more recalls on toys with the same issue, 'high lead paint' with the most recent just a couple days ago. Aaaaah!! Am I being ignorant of my kid safety? Looking at the toys color especially the red one made me feel uneasy. Am I being over-reacted on this issue? Well, when the first toys related with high levels lead paint was recalled by Mattel, we actually had one toy involved. It was in red color with blue and yellow stripe. We bought the toy about three weeks before the recalled was made. Fortunately our son does not tend to put his toys in his mouth. But we still had his blood test for lead and Thank God...he is fine. Months after the recalled been made, we went back to the store and I went straight to the toys department and guess what? They still have the same recalled toys sitting on their shelf. Can you believed it? Gheeeesh!
Anyway, I decided to put the new toys away while Billy was taking a nap. I am going to do a little research before I give it back to him. Hopefully it doesn't involve in the recalled. But the question if this one really safe for my son to play with will still lingering in mommy's head.

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