Saturday, November 10, 2007

More Toys?

Talking about toys, again? Haha....I know, I know! That's me! But hey, it's part of the excitement of being a new mom or new parents, I should say. I am sure all mother out there is agree with me. Giving the best for our children are always the priority of any parents. :-) Toys are one of it. If the toys can stimulate children's creative thinking, social skill, let alone all those cognitive and motor development etc, any parents are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for it. Some people say that they reluctant to give toys to their children to avoid them being spoiled. Like one of my ex-colleagues who have three kids but never buy any kind of toy for his kids. Not even one. His home was free toys even though he has three kids. And both him and his wife are working. Amazing, huh! But his kids appeared to be fine, well behave and did well in school.

Anyway, I had this conversation with one of my sister a year or so ago. My son was only a few months old at that time. I told her that I want to avoid buying toys for my son (you know where I got the influence...hehe) but my hubby on the other hand had different opinions. Before I even finished my sentence, she laughed her heart out and said 'you just wait and tell me about it three years from now. Tell me every time you go into the store, you walk out without any kind of toys in your shopping bag'. funny, huh! Well, okay, you're right. I guess the time has come....haha! Being a mother of three, she bought tons of toys for her kids.

True indeed! Hard to resist when it comes to buy toys for our kid. This month alone we bought six toys for him. Its not even Christmas yet...hihi! Most of them are educational toys, aahaah! That how I should say it. :-) Beside that, hubby bought him a swing set just last week. Lucky one. When I was just a little kid, as far as I can remember, I had maybe one or two toys only. But that time, things are different though.

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