Sunday, November 4, 2007

Extra Money for Your Holiday Shopping????

It would be great to get some extra cash especially around this time of the year. I would think everybody agree with me on this. What’s more if you can do this from your home in your convenience time and generate that extra income while doing thing you enjoy doing like blogging. Cool, huh! Yup, you definitely can do it through blogsvertise.

You may ask how does blogsvertise work? How do you monetized your blog through blogsvertise?.
It’s simple. To start you just need to get yourself register for free and then add your blogs for review and approval. Once your blogs get approve then tasks/assignments will be given out to you to write about in your blogs such as websites products and services.

After you have done the writing entry, you will need to summit the blog entry for review and approval. And once it get the approval you will get pay as low as $4 per entry till up to $25 per entry. Now lets do some math here, let say you can do two entry per day, if your entry worth $10 per entry so you earn $20 per day, at the end of the month you get extra $600 in your wallet. Not bad, huh! Well folks, why not give blogsvertise a try? Make some extra cash for your holiday shopping. I definitely will give it a shot. :-)

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