Sunday, November 4, 2007

I Love Autumn!!!!!

Today we went out to Melton Hill Dam, one of the popular recreation spot here in Oak Ridge. Actually this is the second time we went there. :-) We just love the scenery's, with the hills and lake and the beautiful leaves, what a combination!

1st lesson from dadda "No no eating mushroom from the ground."

Bill and dadda.

"Okay dad, you told me already. I got it. Now can I go play with the leaves?"

Adoring the leaves.

This is really fun!

Melton Hill Dam.

Billy and mommy.


Lake Melton Hill

Mommy, your phone is ringing!


Martina said...

Well done!! You did it after all.

It looks so beautiful with all the fall vegetation. Billy is really lucky to be out there playing amongst the leaves. I know Erinna, Emma and Arianna will pay to have that opportunity.

pam knight-baker said...

Wow, these pics are breathtaking. Maybe some day Steve and I can come visit you and Doug instead of the other way around. I always wanted to have relatives in another part of the country that I could go visit. Now I do and I can't go. But nothing ever lasts forever. Maybe we can come in the spring when we'll be able to stand the temps. Don't know if I could make it in the summer.
Remember: Life isn't measured in the breaths you take, but in the moments that take your breath away.(not my quote, but I love it)

Billy's Mom said...

Hi there Sis!
Thank you. Holiday is around the corner, what about the idea of...get the girls ready and hop in the plane and we'll be waiting in the airport....LOL!

Billy's Mom said...

Hi Pam,
Thank you for stopping. You guys are most welcome to come visit us here. It would be great to have you guys over for a change. :-)
Love the quote too. Thanks Pam.

emanrais said...

Wow, it's amaze staring at Billy's surrended by the autum leaves. Hoping in some day Gaby, 18m will do so in Washington DC. Please take a look at Gaby's drawing and writing with her mom at Have plenty of nice days Billy, and always thanks for having a lovely fairy mom too. Take care.

Billy's Mom said...

Hi emanrais,
Thank you for stopping by. Yes, Billy just loves the leaves. :)Little Gaby is gorgeous and love her name too. What a beautiful name!

emanrais said...

Many thanks indeed. Love to Billy.