Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Morning Meditation

How do you start your day everyday? Turn on coffee, watch morning news, sit in front of the computer.....LOL. As for me, I started my day around 6.00am, turn on the coffee, then straight to my desk, open my curtains and look outside through my big window. Believe it or not, its something I am looking forward to everyday, the early morning scenery. It's really beautiful and I really enjoy it, so relaxing, peaceful and refreshing. Yes, it is more of a meditation for me. It really does.

Excuse our messy yard...LOL. Look like somebody need to do some leaves raking soon.


Deana E said...

hi, i didn't know you are from sabah..can i add you to my blogroll?

Billy's Mom said...
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Billy's Mom said...

Hi Deana,
Thank you for stopping by. Yah saya orang Sabah bah. Sure! Thanks Deana. Nanti saya add you juga yah. Nice knowing you Deana!