Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Trip (1)

Yeah, we are back in town. We got home on Monday evening. It was a great trip even though we drove mostly in the rain and snow. Credit goes to dear hubby for such a good driver and most of all the biggest credit goes to our precious little passenger. Bill was such a great traveler. We are so proud of him. And thanks to the GPS Navigator too. It absolutely did a great job and made thing easier for us.

Nasty weather

French fries break

Anyway, this year we had our Thanksgiving lunch at The Lodge Restaurant. The place is enormous but still jam-packed with people. Guess lots of people nowadays preferred to celebrate it in the convenience way. Leave the cooking headache to the chief….hihi! Anyway, the food was great but they can do better in their desserts selection though.

The Lodge Restaurant

Family's Thanksgiving Lunch.

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Our sweetie pie.

Day after Thanksgiving morning, Steve and I decided to go shopping for a couple hours while hubby stayed home and taking care of our dear son. First we went to Walmart and to our surprised, the store was pretty empty. It was only about 10am. Were we just lucky or what! One of the associates told us that we just missed the crowds. She said the store was jam-packed with shoppers from 5.00am to 7.00am. LOL! After done our shopping at Walmart, we went to Bestbuy. But they were pretty crowded. So after a little browsing and of course ‘drooling’ some at their big screen TV, we decided to end our Friday shopping. Thank you Steve. It was really nice shopping with you.

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