Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip

It's only a couple days before Thanksgiving. This year we are going to visit our family members in Illinois. It would be great to see them again especially on such special occasion. And what more is, this is Billy’s 1st Thanksgiving with all our family members from my hubby side. Of course from his side as my family do not celebrate Thanksgiving. LOL!! The day after Thanksgiving, we plan to drive to my hubby’s hometown in Clinton, Iowa. This is also Billy’s 1st trip to his daddy’s hometown. Hope to be able to see you this time Cindy.

Yeaaah!!! Lots of exciting things in store for Bill, and of course for mommy and daddy too. There’s also another ‘thing to do’ for daddy on this trip, have to show Billy around his childhood neighborhood, his old school, the hill where he used to slide down to reached his school faster when he was a little kid, (LOL) this and that and not forget the little shop where he used to get some ice cream with his siblings when they were just a little kids. Billy probably won’t remember anything about it now but it is just exciting to show him around daddy’s hometown.

We will hit the road early morning tomorrow. Long way to go but will be so much fun. If everything goes as plan we will reach my sister in law’s house on Wednesday afternoon. So see you guys on Wednesday!!!!

I will try to do some update on my blog whenever I have the time. Yes, of course will take lots of picture….haha! Okay guys, gonna have to go. I still have packing to do, so better to gear up soon.

Oh yeah, I got an offer from Steve, my sister in law's hubby to go shopping on Black Friday. He read my posting about the Day After Thanksgiving shopping and told me he won't mind to go shopping with me. Thank you very much Steve, so kind of you.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving and happy holiday!


Deana E said...

Thanksgiving is not celebrated much here but we will start one this year.yea..

I am tagging you,check my blog

Billy's Mom said...

Cool! Thank you Deana.